How Much Money Do Bloggers Make Online? 2009 Brought Me $43,932.84

Illustration of medical practice costs.

Thanks to Design Delight, that mysterious and loyal comment-leaver who reminded me to update you guys with my 2009 income.

And THANK GOD for Examiner coming into my life in September 2009 -- because as you can see, they make up a good chunk of the year's income -- and that's just for 4 months' worth of income from them. So glad I can pay Uncle Sam what I owe him.

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I didn't include my expenses, so this is just gross income for now. Perhaps I'll come back and update the expense numbers, like anything I spent on Adwords:

Name                        Payment Received
Associated Content Total $1,611.58
Clarity Digital Group, LLC Total ( $12,217.90
LinkWorth Total $50.00
Niche Blog Media Total $11.98
Text Link Ads, Inc Total $676.04
AMAZON ASSOCIATES Total $10,648.51
BUY.AT PERFILIATE TECHN PAYMENTS Total $134.25 Total $673.13
EBAY PARTNER NETWORK PAYMENT Total $3.07 Total $2,271.43
LINKSHARE Total $1,022.70
GOOGLE ADSENSE Total $14,612.25
Grand Total $43,932.84


Anonymous said…
hi paula, nice to be here again! first i just wanna congratulate you for being a blessed blogger. you have a lot of income through blogging and if you don't mind, just wanna ask you a favor regarding my afilliation with amazon. how did you promote your afilliation with amazon? do i have to pay for adwords and how much if i wanna pay for them. thaks much in advance! god bless you
Pretty informative post and really impressive thinking.Some of points from this article are very helpful for me as I haven’t considered them yet.Thanks a lot.Keep blogging.
Custom t-shirts said…
Oh really... dont tell me so high incomes. I have always heard about it but no one talked on facts and figures.
That's a great big money you are making for the year of 2009. Great post!
wedding colours said…
Glad you did so well this year. Any target for next year?
Hey Jodi - No, Amazon nixed the promoting their products thru Adwords some time in 2009.

But I find that writing a good SEO'd post about a particular product -- like the Zhu Zhu Pets or whatever -- brings more buyers looking specifically to buy that product on Amazon, not just slapping an Amazon link or badge and hoping they click.
alajeeb said…
wow good for you , 43,000 is very good
i want like u make some money in internet but i dont take action...i so confuse for this im a new bie for internet marketer...
sandy said…
I know people do make some money blogging; but most do need to keep their day job. I never believe the hype I made x amount of money; sorry.

Ms. LIz said…
Paula, Congratulations, it's always nice to hear success stories and yours is an inspiring one.

I also wanted to add a comment for Jodi - You might want to check Squidoo for promoting your affiliation with Amazon. It's a great social business solution for promoting whatever you have, Amazon included and it won't cost you a thing except a little of your time. Hope that helps.
Ivan said…
Wow, that's a great income. I'm a newbie in the business anyway and it really inspires me to stay focus on this since its potential for the great income.
LexiB said…
That is awesome. Congratulations on a very profitable 2009!

Do you set blogging goals?
Hey Lexi -

Um, I've written out some of the general things I want to accomplish in 2010.

But God changes things and moves -- so I want to move as the cloud moves, ya know?

Today I sat around and prayed and thankfully learned Proverbs 1:1-7 by heart and wrote in my journal and tried to understand the ways He speaks to me: thru Scripture, Sleep and Situations.

I'm learning to slow down and listen and not spin my wheels and waste my time on stuff that won't matter in the end.

Do you set blogging goals?
Lexi said…
Hi Paula,
That's awesome. I totally agree with you.
I have a few goals but the main one I am focused on is to establish a blogging schedule.
Thank you for sharing your success story with us. Speaking for myself, it gives us all something to aspire to.~LexiB.
Manfredi Pomar said…
Cool, I hope 2010 will be even better!
Greetings from Italy
satrap said…
Here is what I dont get, you make over $14,000 last year, yet you cant afford or refuse to buy your own domain for $10?
Dont you think having a blog on blogger put your business on a shaky ground? i mean clearly your making money from this blogs as well, but if they decide to shut you down for any reason (which they have done to many people who were making money from their blog for years) all your hard work will be gone. You cant recover it.
I am not trying to be mean or anything, but if you make $14000 a year, why not spend $10 a year so you can have your own domain, and be in control yourself?
Otherwise I think its a great post and very motivational for other blogger.
Андрей said…
Nice job, I wish to earn so much money like you.
Admin said…
Hey paula you are lucky enough to have a good sum of money from internet, it often seems a dream to have so much money from the online world. Also you are lucky that things are going straight forwards for you, or one often face some or other problem while working in the online world, like scams or sometimes hidden charges from companies... Congratz!
Hey Satrap:

My blogger blog is just one of my websites.

The others are dot coms on dot com domains.

Believe me, I've spent more that 10 bucks on domains the past few years.

And I was blessed enough to bring in $43k last year -- but I've gotta still reduce my expenses from that number.
SEO Workgroup said…
Wow!! $43000, is really good for an year. I have a few goals but the main one I am focused on is to establish a blogging schedule. No doubt a good blog has to be a good content Para.
pratt12 said…
Thanks for the mention, so kind of you and I am a bit mysterious.

You were very right about Examiner, the scret there seems to be to write a great deal of artcles quickly, which rank.

The income will grow as your number of post grow.

I am finding ways of getting around restrictions on article writing for non-Us based writers.
Mz. Eb. said…

Way to go making that much last year. That's a massive achievement and I hope you're super-duper proud of yourself. I'd be over the frikkin moon if it were me.

More grease to your elbow in 2010 (whichever way you choose to go). Follow your own light.

Take care...
Marvelous said…
i want to know if nigerians can also make money on the net, how?