Examiner.com income update - Examiner still not a scam, my pay is about $1,000 for the month

Examiner.com income update - Examiner still not a scam, my pay is about $1,000 for the month

I feel behooved to update the readers of my previous posts about Examiner (one called "▷▷▷▷▷▷▷How Much Does Examiner.com Pay Writers? I made $3,674.31 in Sept 2009 from Examiner.com | PAULA NEAL MOONEY") on how much my Examiner income has changed lately -- so folks can decide if it's still worth it to them to apply if they want.

This pic just represents my Cleveland Pop Culture earnings (I also have two national positions -- see below links) for February 2010 thus far:


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Examiner has been through changes since I first began writing for them in September 2009 -- that God-send moment when I needed to stock up funds to pay my taxes.

Back then it seemed pretty darn easy to write an article and get it in Google News -- that "You lie!" video with Joe Wilson shouting at Obama easily made the so-called "mere" penny per pageview that some complain about turn pennies into serious monies.

Things continued pretty swimmingly until January 6, 2010 -- when Examiner articles were de-indexed from Google News.

But they were put back in Google News pretty quickly, "17 Days" or less later. I remember because of the Prince song of the same name.

I'd taken a little sabbatical to figure out what exactly I should be writing, and used the time for other website pursuits. Some days I still feel like I'm on that break -- nowhere writing at the breakneck, I-gotta-pay-Uncle-Sam pace I did before.

Except for Super Bowl Sunday, which was a boon for online writers with a reading public hungry for commercial videos.

As an update, my January 2010 income from Examiner came in at just under a grand - $996.00 to be more exact. And February 2010 is shaping up to pull in around the same amount.

Not only am I the Cleveland Pop Culture Examiner, but I also added the Christian TV Examiner and the Christian Music Page as my two National positions.

I emailed my channel manager and asked if I could add national positions after Examiner cracked down on the local writers strictly writing local stuff.

Still I'm not working as manically as before, but I'm writing the God's honest truth to the few people who actually question my Examiner income posts. I mean, I put the actual screenprints in previous posts.

The problem is, some folks want to sign on to Examiner and only write 1 or 3 articles per week -- or not pitch-pitch-pitch the pieces they do write. They instead should learn about SEO and study some of the folks seriously pulling in pageviews on Examiner (more than me, so they are making more than me this month, no doubt!) and write what's ethical and interesting to them accordingly.

Examiner.com provides a list of the top 5 most popular in the specific field.

And studying my "50 Ways to Get Traffic" can help, too -- only for the writers really willing to work at it.

Here are my Examiner article stats for the past 30 days -- for all the Examiner.com articles that I remembered to drop the Google Analytics code into:



Marcel Kuemmet said…
OK ... use your own HTML (if you know how ... take a class). Insert in hidden html a page counter. Now compare your page views to theirs ... and see the discrepancies.
This is why examiner.com does not want advanced editors who can do html and they DO NOT want anyone using html to edit there pages.

lakefrontwriter said…
The one thing that I can say about Examiner is that they pay more than most of the online sites I've written for (Demand Studios, Ehow, Textbroker, etc.). AC is catching up though because the flat rates are increasing plus I like the fact that I can actually see ALL of my visits at any point and time. My weekly rates do add up to my monthly rates. I've actually broken them down on a weekly basis then calculated the local incentive points and verified them to make SURE I'm getting the correct amount.

I also don't agree with their decision to do away with HTML coding to check visits, but the Google Analytics feature is supposedly being fixed. I have calculated my daily rates to make sure they equal my weekly and then monthly rates though, also including the local incentive visits. I was paid on time and made what I should have.

I would like to see your difference in numbers though. You didn't provide any screenshots of pay on Examiner versus your own hidden HTML results that showed something different. This would end a lot of credibility to this blog.
Marcel Kuemmet said…
I still have not been paid. Anything.
All accounts are in order and everything is good to go on my side.
Just by counting the referrals to their sites from my blogs, I should have a couple of hundred bucks coming, not including the straight hits.
They are still advertising in my area as a real job position (one can loose their unemployment comp due to them, then get hung out to dry).

I was unable to find anyone else creating HD video news reports for them (although I know that does mean more views), feeding hits to them from other established sites, and customizing their page (I write in HTML).
It is very easy to post testimonials online from happy customers .. the ones in the office of examiner.com.
I really don't think that anyone other than those immediately,directly associated with and employed by Examiner.com will see any real money ... someone in corporate needs another toy. An corporate comes first, final and must have all funds ... period ... end of story.
Oh yea, the virus I got from the fanboy site totally wreaked my Laptop. Working for them cost me $1800, not including video and photo gear I used and the expense's I incurred while covering stories for them.
They are crooks ... and need to be shut down or physically destroyed.
As a Ranger ... that is they way we do it.
Their day will come ... soon.
Marcel - Where is your Examiner.com page? I want to look at it.

I don't work for the Examiner.com corporate office -- and I can testify that I do make money writing for them.

Hope you can use all your equipment for better work that makes you happy
Marcel Kuemmet said…
Wow, your doing really well.
I am not sure then why I am not getting the little that I did earn, as I know it was over the minimum and the account setting are correct.
Thanks for your interest. If they are legit, I certainly will re-post and update.
Here is the link to my page ...


Again, thanks for your interest.