Amazon France Does Pay Associates in the United States of America - But us USA affiliates may have to wait for the cheques...

I've told you before that I happily got checks from Amazon UK and Amazon Germany pretty promptly.

Well I also very happily received a "cheque" from Amazon France too, but their process was a bit slower and trickier.

After plenty of emailing thru their contact form, I received my Nov 2007 earnings cheque on 3/31/2008.

Amazon France requires you to send them an invoice first, with the following info completed:

Dear Associate,

Thank you for contacting us.

Following your request we apologize for our previous message but we
remind you that to process to any payment, we legally need an
invoice in France. So before to be able to send any cheque we need
from you an invoice. You can use the model below and send through
the link below (just use Alta Vist Babel Fish to translate to English):

Le (date du jour)
Facture n° (un numero de facture, par exemple AMZ01)
Objet : Commissions d'affiliation

[Rappeler ici vos nom et adresse postale]

A l'attention de :

Amazon EU Sarl
Boîte postale 362
L-2013 Luxembourg

site internet :
Identifiant Partenaire :

Total de
gains: EUR

We hope all these informations will be useful.

My Dec 2007 should be in my mailbox tomorrow.

(I'm all about writing down my visions and watching God bring the ones He wills to pass.)

So if you guys know of a good product to pitch to the Frenchies, go ahead and try it!


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