Happy 2nd Birthday to You, Blog...

My very first post on this blog two years ago -- December 13, 2005 -- was Motherless.

And boy oh boy, if I could've seen how far my God would've brought me from that cold winter day to this one...

Nearly 20 websites later, with me begging Him in Target today for them to turn more than enough profit to pay the Amex bill and then some, He still is providing abundantly.

So Happy 2nd Birthday, blog.

Love you, still with you, but gotta also take care of my other kids, too, now.

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5xmom.com said…
Happy blog anniversary to you, Paula! Keep blogging. And I read your first post but cannot find the words to say. It is these kind of posts that makes blogs worthwhile to read, touches the heart and soul of the readers. God bless. (Lilian)
Lillie Ammann said…
Happy blog birthday, Paula, and congratulations on your success!
kystorms said…
Happy Birthday Paula!
I know no one who deserves this joy and goodness than you on the web. I am so happy to know that when ever I need a place to come read, and get a hope of the future I can come here, to your blog.
God Bless
and may He continue to shine his face upon your blog and you.
Happy B-Day, Girl!

It's been a minute. Wishing you and your family the best Christmas holiday ever.

tAnYeTTa said…
happy blog anniversary!!!
fun times :)
Thanks to you all, my blog friends.

This blogging life is better with all of you...

JA Huber said…
Happy belated blog birthday, looking forward to more fabulous blogging in 2008 :)
Manchild said…
Happy Birthday to your Blog Paula!
Praying for your continued success.

Martin Lindsey. said…
Happy belated blogaversary!!! Man, I need to figure when I threw my first one out there.
Zawadi Equiano said…
Congrats Paula. Keep it going. Learned allot from reading your blog.
Cheryl said…
Congrats to you, Paula! You are truly an inspiration. I am still trying to set my blog up and get it rolling. Your advice is well taken and I look forward to my email alerts from you.

Keep on moving forward in the Grace and Favor of God.
God Bless you and yours and Merry Christmas!

Martin Lindsey. said…
Paula, have you seen this site? It's called Guerilla Evangelism. It's about different methods of witnessing. It's interesting and I thought you'd like it.

Looks cool, Martin. Thanks.

I like it when people use attention-grabbing ways to speak the love of Christ.

Merry Christmas...Paula

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