Maurizio's Mosaics -- Give Good Google Juice to Your MyBlogLog Community...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Back many moons ago when Maurizio, an avid reader who writes Nafurai from his "Italian section of Switzerland" -- a location I've learned about thru our e-chats -- told me he was doing something with my photo, it was a little flattering and strange.

"As long as you don't have candles around it in some room," I answered, "I'm okay with that."

Later, a scene with Halle Berry and her computer buddy Giovanni Ribisi in the movie Perfect Stranger -- wherein he creates a shrine of Halle -- oh yeah, spoiler alert! -- brought back my conversation with Maurizio.

But, thankfully, Maurizio was only working diligently at creating a bucolic way of giving back link love to the current members of my MyBlogLog community.

(Pretty soon I'll actually follow some of Andy Beard's "do follow" advice and see if I'm even following those links on my tv guide online site, where Maurizio recommended I place the mosaic, as opposed to my Blogger site to be safe.)

If you click on my pic above, it'll take you to the actual page with the actual mosaic, which are a bunch of live links to those individuals' blogs.




Those WordPress techies are right:

Code is poetry...


maurizio said…
How nice..

Oooh btw.. I noticed later the photo below your post. I was thinking "Look at that reminds me something.."

Blogger Map said…
Well, I am not really into art, but the one chosen in this post just looks great!
Maurizio - You're cracking me up.

I was Googling the "Italian section of Switzerland" and learned about that area and found that pic.

Do you drive on that road?

That's amazing...

The other night I watched Queen Latifah in Last Holiday, which was filmed in location in Austria -- and the snow-capped mountains were absolutely breathtaking.

I must travel abroad some day.
Roberto said…
Hi Paula,
I'm an ardent and regular reader. Tell me, could you share with me how you got the text in your comments section in your footer to look that way? I have some timid readers whom I would like to encourage to leave comments, especially in my Spanish blog. It would be a great help!
maurizio said…
No Paula, I've never drived there myself. I was a passenger though.
Ticino (the main italian side of switzerland) is mostly similar to Italy. If you go north you start to see that kind of views..

What I like is this kind of photos:

My God, those are gorgeous pics. It just amazes me what the Creator has created -- those mountains, that valley with the houses!

And I'm lovin' that pic with the race cars. I love the low hum of fast cars like a Lotus, etc.

So glad you read me!

Um, if you want your comments section to look like mine, go to my blog page in the white area, right click and choose "view page source" and find the text that starts with "Want to know..." and that will give you the code to add that to your blog.

Also, if you want the comments to stand out, follow the Blog Bloke's instructions on how to add color to your Blogger comments section.

And one more trick I've found that helps comments stand out. You see in this post how I was given the idea to put a pic encouraging readers to click it and leave their comments?
Juanita Bynum TBN Video After the Attack: Watch Updates Online as the Prophetess Speaks Out and Becomes a Hot Search Item ~ PAULA NEAL MOONEY

I did that by creating an image encouraging comments. Then I had to publish the post to get the proper URL with the Blog ID and Post ID so I'd know where to redirect the image and make it clickable.

So if you click on that image, it takes the readers right to the comment page, which can be kinda hard to find on Blogger.

Let me know if that makes sense....
maurizio said…
I think you saw the pic with Ferraris on it. Yeah. Nice sounds. I see some where I live because there are a lot of tourists with them. Especially money tourists from Italy :-)
HID lights dude said…
the road reminded me of Japan's mountain passes... thanks for the pic...
Claire White said…
I've always been a fan of these beautiful photos. Japan also has some wonderful views, perhaps we can have a post about scenes from the orient?
Adam Reese said…
I agree, nothing like watching the sun rise while your sitting on mount Kanto. In the early months just as it rises you can see the mist below light up progressively from one end to the other, truly spectacular.
Jean said…
China also has some stunning places and views like Yellow Mountain. Early in the morning you get to see an effect similar to what you described Adam, but you have to be up there by 5am!

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