Juanita Bynum TBN Video After the Attack: Watch Updates Online as the Prophetess Speaks Out and Becomes a Hot Search Item

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Juanita Bynum on TBN video.

There's a reason why searches for updates and the latest news on Juanita Bynum after her attack are going thru the roof.

Since the day I first heard about Juanita Bynum being attacked by her husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks, many Christians have been talking and dissecting the case and asking ourselves: Why?

Anyway, I'm glad to hear that Juanita Bynum went on TBN last night to speak out after her attack. This video, as you can see, is a news report about Juanita Bynum speaking on TBN, but not the actual Juanita Bynum TBN video itself.

I've searched TBN - Trinity Broadcasting Network's site for Juanita Bynum speaking and video footage, but don't see it loaded yet.

But at least we learn that Juanita Bynum has answered "no comment" on whether she will help prosecute Bishop Thomas Weeks to the fullest extent of the law. It will be interesting to see if she divorces him or stays with him, but either way I'm glad -- as she says --she got off the couch and spoke out.

In the meantime, Google has some videos tagged "Juanita Bynum," here they are sorted by date, but they aren't the TBN specific one yet.

Juanita Bynum TBN,Juanita Bynum TBN video,Juanita Bynum updates,after attack,watch Juanita Bynum TBN,tbn,watch,wanita,junita,juanity,online,video,preview,clips,updates Juanita Bynum,bynum TBN,new,newsEither way, watching the old video clips of Juanita Bynum just did my heart good and made me glad and clap my hands and remember why many of us fell in love with her preaching in the first place.

Juanita Bynum obviously has the hand of God upon her, and just like the disciples of Jesus who endured much pain -- being torn asunder (sawed in half), beaten, shipwrecked, etc. -- sometimes we realize that there is more glory and effectiveness in our low points than our high points in life.

There's much more to this incident than meets the eye -- I know there are spiritual forces of darkness and light in a continual battle all the time.

And God is using this one to reach people who had never heard of Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks. Can you imagine how many techies just heard her speaking in tongues?

Now that Juanita Bynum has said in her video updates that she'll use the attack as her "new mantle" to speak out against domestic violence, I'm starting to see a little light as to why Jehovah Nissi shifted his mighty hand of protection a little bit (just like He did for Job) that night over the prophetess and ultimately turned vices (like we all have) around for the good of his Kingdom.

Let it serve all victims of domestic violence well...

"Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 5:10

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    Zawadi said…
    There are so many rumors going on out there about this couple.
    Will be glad to hear Juanita B. tell her story and learn what lead up to that day in the parking lot.
    I was reading how the Bishop was having financial problems and leaving thousands of dollars worth of Bills unpaid.
    Is this Religion or some type of Business ? lol
    I remember Juanita B. back in the day and always listened what she was saying and liked it.
    I saw him on the news with pink handcuffs in court, kinda fruity huh?
    Thanks for the post as always Paula.
    Bonnie Calhoun said…
    I saw the TBN interview, live ...LOL...if you wanna call it that.

    I'll keep my piece to myself because I see a whole lot of splinters in that woodpile, and I'd rather let them show themselves than argue about them *snort*
    Well, according to the latest news, Juanita Bynum has filed for divorce, and Bishop Thomas Weeks has issued an apology.

    Juanita Bynum said she still loves her husband, but she is divorcing him, and refuses to say anything mean about him in public.

    Thomas Weeks hoped he wouldn't get divorced.

    I believe Juanita Bynum is showing maturity in the face of all this.
    Bonnie Calhoun said…
    LOL...that's just the beginning!
    Anonymous said…
    Why should she divorce her husband. No ones perfect, no one. Jesus was beat beyond belief cussed, lied on and he still loved, through it all. Forgiveness is the factor not divorce. I mean if she wants to its her business but I am not happy that she is divorcing him. No doubt he was wrong, but trust I've seen worse. I pray that Juanita finds peace she is a beautiful person and a solider for Jesus.
    Mrschi03 said…
    Juanita hosted TBN's Praise the Lord on Tuesday nite. You can watch it via thier archives, but she isnt listed as the host. Instead, its simply "TBA".

    I've read so many articles and comments about this situation that I'm almost on information overload. Some have given me food for thought, but many of them are downright nasty, especially the ones on YouTube and some other black-owned blogs.

    I understand her not wanting to be seen as a victim, but at the same time I strongly feel both she and Bishop Weeks need to take a sabbatical to heal!

    Paula, as an aside, is there a way to contact you by email? I recently started my own blog (this week in fact) and would love to learn more about how to use it to bring in extra income.
    blogpaul said…
    I come visit my old buddy Paula and everything on her page is about black people (or brown people as my son says)!

    Why it gotta be all about the brown people??? Can't we get sum white folk up in herr!
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Hey Mrs. Chi

    Hit me up at:

    Crazy BlogPaul!
    My son is understanding the brown skin = black/African-American thing too.

    Don't worry, I'll totally be back to white people stuff today. Totally... :-)
    Essence said…
    Juanita is human. She is a child of god who relays the word of God to millions. For those christians who put there faitha nd trust in her as a teacher and evangalist, and fell mislead or let down should understand that at the end of the day she is not GOD... there is only on God whom we should trust in for he will not mislead us. I love and pray for Mrs juanita Bynum.
    Anonymous said…
    I have been in the "church" all of my life. My conclusion for the most part is that the "church" is a reflection of the world and not in a good way. What exactly are we as a body doing so differently then the world?

    I am not referring to the personal relationship one has with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and our God Jehovah. I am referring to what man has made of the "Local Church".

    I am tired of seeing people in ministry, people with religious titles not being made accountable for their actions under the laws of forgiveness. I am not saying that we should not forgive because God commands us to do so, no matter what. What I am saying is that God's leaders have to be made accoutable for their actions just like anyone else.

    What I have been reading since the beating of Juanita Bynum has saddened and angered me.

    I am not a Christian that will blame my behavior on the devil or anyone else as Bishop Thomas Weeks is doing. Very often we are at a crossroad in our lives when we have to make a decesion about an action. When we choose the wrong one, then Satan and his cohorts are there to expediate the process. God has given us free will to make choices. Bishop Weeks made his. He should be punished by the "law of the land" which is Bible based.

    Can I judge what happened in their marriage, of course not, but I am not going to wimp out and say that what he did should be lessened in its severity and all should be forgotten and look the other way because of some wierd, cult like loyalty. This is my perception of what I have been hearing from many church people. It takes a strong person to come out and say, no I will not support a man who has done something like this and furthermore has a history of it. I will forgive him and move on. I will not feed the monster.

    When I read about his attack on his CFO Lorraine Robinson, I was sickened. This is exactly what I am referring to that exist in many churches today. She is actually still in the employment of Bishop Weeks in his church. Here is a woman who was strangled, and thrown down to the ground not even a year ago. Here is a woman who has worked in this ministry for 10 years and was actually asked by Juanita Bynum herself to not go to the hospital for treatment. I am sure this was put to her under the guise of "forgiveness".

    God had given us wisdom. As woman of God, we are to know who we are in God. We are queens of the most high God! Why would God want you to stay in a situation like this. This cannot be a situation in which this woman is growing in the things of God. The mentality that would have a woman think that she would be wrong to get out of a situation like this is like saying any woman/man in the church or in the world should stay in an abusive relationship/situation.

    Many people in abusive relationships are beaten and then later told they didn't mean to hurt them and that they love them. This language of abuse is fluent in all cultures and environments. The victim is confused whether to leave or stay. They even think that they have brought on the abuse themselves.

    Too often in my 43 years I have seen the Word of God manipulated to suite what a man wants it so say. Therefore controlling the congregation, woman or man. This to me is abuse.

    The fact that Juanita Bynum asked this woman not to report what her husband did to Lorraine Robinson tells me that Juanita Bynum still has a personality of a woman who is being abused. This was something that she said that God had delivered her from in the past. This also shows the pattern of a woman who has been abused in the past.

    I pray that God's will be done in this situation and that his Holy Spirit, not even my opinion prevail in this entire matter. To God be the glory.
    Wow, thank you, anonymous.

    I didn't even know anything about the first woman allegedly beaten by Thomas Weeks till I just watched this video about the incident and the Duluth police report.

    Amazing. Unfortunately, Juanita Bynum was part of the cover up, but I believe she is probably repentant now for discouraging Lorraine Robinson from seeking the medical treatment she desired, because it all came back to Juanita in the end.

    Oh well. It will be interesting to see if Lorraine Robinson comes forth herself and tells her story.
    Anonymous said…
    I also think that Junatia bynum should not devorce her husband, but rather seek the Lord about the situation. What has happen to forgivness and Love, who said Marraige is easy, especially for sons and daughters in the Lord. If God so said he was her husband then why is she devorcing him so quick like that. The guys not perfect and yes he did do wrong but god said if you dont forgive then i can not forgive you. juanita needs gods councel and so does weeks. i hope in all this god will yet again be glorfied and saturn shall be put to sham.
    Anonymous said…
    devorce is not good, but again its not good to hold on to samething that is not yours ,as for me the only sin you can not forgiven is to say evil on the holy spirit, am behind you juanita a man that beats up his wife he has no repect for the woman of God ,the bible say do not touch my anioited servants .i am one of the people who would love to marry a God fearling woman like you . my email is ianjaliso@yahoo.com +260977789005
    bless you and keep well
    this is a shame how she got on tbn and said she wasn't going to say anything about her husband the first thing a notice her other ring wasn't on her finger she lie to the boy knowing she had file for her with her lawyer she tell the news the next day . she us the tbn to get control damage she lie well she twist her words to she say as long as he's my husband she provoke this whol thing she follow him he's walking away anyone can see this is a trap because she had already make the statement to the cuhurch she wasn't coming back that's wrong she teaching to be s wife and not a knife but she is a bulldog i find her stage playing 11 days before all this go down she said after this she was going to take her place in the world we her behavior she acting like the world she lie and said both of her hand was marry since you said to the left us it you have train people to honor you as a prophet and you teeling us now to be bulldog to kill quietlly like you doing your husband you have allow your fame to bring shame because you want call up on his Name he can save and deliver the wife is suppose to win him by her conversation and what is yours you have been have people coming to teach be how to love you . Well we asll have problem i was abuse for 7 years but one day God rebuke me and told me my mouth was the problem i cause the enmeny to come in by not holding my peace and i repent to him and you need to be honest because he was leaving and you you follow him knowing that things wasgetting ugly so you told the man he'll trying to kill me i know thst God first wasn
    t going to allow his son to kill you this is to make him look bad when you should have let him leave you say you a woman of God put you taking everything to the world i really was for you until that night on tbn and what you air 11 days before this i hate this happen to you now one deserve this but at the same time him did't deserve you provoking him. this all could have be solve years ago because God didn't tell you to marry him and spend the kind of money and then you speaking in some kind of vows with a salt coverant did you shake them up than how can you have all these pastors in your life and don't get help first of all you want submit to your husband at home you are mrs.weeks not bymun that's a problem you always using that name you have had use this man to help raise money for you and you send a letter to church saying not to use your name you are not a mentor ar a mother your first work is your husband you feel that ministry is on the stage only but is in you home proverb talk about a woman in 31 it is what a wife do ti parts you miss you are not a star but a servant bishop honor his vows trusting forgiviness that you want give no he was very wring for hitting you but the real jugde is God juanita and you know that you provoke him and you not a new face for abuse women we was being abise whil in you meeting and God didn't speak to you this is a book in the making well let's us tell our story you lie about so many things and you are using this for fame to his Name because with love and kindness and true love suffer long it's not sact like this you putting him down with the world you and he just being put down by you i sure you did allow of things to one thing is for sure you know how to act you need award for tbn and channel 5 that you will tell the news you have been fighting before and that wasn't there business you are not this victim you say juanita God do have real people that can see and you are not being honest so for you just being covering i saw your mother at your sister wedding why she did pray for you and bishop she is your mentor than whyshe didn't bind this mess bishop have my support because he'll using wisdom you talk to much you arein error and need to shut up asnd go seek God for real he'll not calling you to this you calling yourself to this he calling you to repent if you talk like this i would hate to see what you like well it's coming out you are self center you want asll eyes to see what you want you should chose your battle better because you are departing and you can get another in a second until you are heal that's what you taught when you first came out can it be you are not heal and i love you and someone need to tell you the true you say ugly things about him then try to clesn it up the damage is done a foolish woman tare her own house down and you didn't need satan help.why in the world will we as God children can't forgive and the world forgive thier spouse and go on and her you sayibg it can't be fix really and truly this man help you you look morer like a woman you look like a lesbain now you wear make-up pants you preach in pretty suit not in thst black and white short hair no nothing he have help you as much as you help him and he came from a good family of preacher so you did't make him you need to ler time heal you because thi season is not for you to take your place in the world but in the word leave out the l and it's the word we ass the body of don't take up for you are him your both are in error you are even the morer because youhad alot of soula foolow you and now you telling us you leaving go back and listen to the things that coming out your mouth vain speaking throwing off at your husband women on the front line with the wrong weapon knife to kiss them and walk and kill this is not a message from Jesus he say forgive them for they no not what they are doing what's goin to happen when we a really in the last day where we lost our life this is a trail you brought on yourself and you did't by step down from bishop and allow other to tell him you tell the world whast yiou doing and he have to be really hurting to hear all you plans off the news this is sad and for those that are blaming bishop they are wring let 's look at the root and see what was planted that brought up this fruit because this is'nt a overnight things and now you talking to tom who's a world man about your business you are killing you name and don't know it yet but you will be a laughing fool because he can't get spouse support and why are youtaking all the call to give your story again control damage but it's not going to work ofr you are me wrong is wrong and yu have hurt us all with this mess this should been over by now but you like the camera you always have go back and listen to yur tape and if you don't what the your husband to sell your books then your should put them from the store to because you use to be there leader and you are allow you person problem spill in the home church and why would do thst paul didn't and his word was from him your have lost your out by not having the people at heart we are to protect the sheep not kill them. so we are praying for the body this have hurt us alll asnd the morer yuo keep going public it's not good your face is not new to us you havebeen thought this before this not your first marriage so this would have been better if you sopke out before now because this is you weapon you using to get us to feel sorry for yo and i do because one part of this you going to won up too.
    well i just read my letter and please forgive me of my words are miss spell because i hit the wrong button so i didn't get it corrected ask to ss got hit but this is not attack on the weeks but us all let's and aday of praying and fasting well i'm getting off the line now please remind yourself let's look at this in full detail not because this shouldn't have happen and the world shouldn't be in it but they should have call for the elders of the church for help not allowing herself to follow him the bible say follow peace and blessed are the peace maker we all have falling short but he give us new mercy everyday to do better please saints let pray for the whites i'm just shock over all this marriage i been marry for 20 years my second and it niot easy this take much commited and pray i too could fall for the trick but what can isay to people in the world that look to us to hold on my vows with God is greater than with man so i'm not talking as a single sister i have a lot of friends that been having problem and got marry to young not understanding and grow out of love if that's what they felt but this marriage was not because no one was having ababy but was said that it was God and on the news she say this marriage is over but i would marry him again this is sick forgiveand forget we preach alot above marriage but we do teach how to other out and that will asure you a better marriage friends is a must sister weeks let God heal you and stay out of the tv andradio talk to God he is tune in at all time without marriage for them two will hurt all their labor teach be how to love you was this all about money because i don't think so it was alot of good teaching i will say they are a good team even when they had their meeting.this was a good thing since you all did it we wasin your corner please sister be quite.don;t give the world nothing to use the church have a higher fail marriage than the world one thing i don't like is this money that you must sow money and not your heart and it's nothing wrong with the church taking care of there leaders but not to the plce that it's greed beyond a need one million could when along ways if it was150,000 that would have been right but to rent place and that pressfior 8month to make please that's to much money pray and stay tina turner was a real face. and many morer and he was doing thinds in her face you and bishop had a big misunderstand yes he's wrong i don't care what said and we know you did somethings so you need to go back and remind yourself what could you have did diffent like staying in your room and not in the public money isn't everythongs ihate that news know about his debts but you want say nothing about but that make you look bad you are a team
    Jennifer said…
    Did you read this article in the NY Times about the situation?


    I honestly did not know that much about her but this article laid out so much for me.
    Thanks for the link, Jennifer.

    I'm reading the article now.

    Take care,
    Anonymous said…
    i was so touched by this issue, we are on a journerny and before taking a divorce remember you made a covernant before God and people to say 'UNTIL DEATH DO US PART' nobody wants problems please hear from God if that decision is correct and the devil is very busy he wants to steal,kill and destroy what God has given us am praying for your situation.
    honey said…
    Juanita Bynum is a true woman of god. people are trying to hold her at fault for what happen between her and weeks. This woman knows what happen to her and who did it. The females needs to get a grip and stop being a fool. Weeks did not marrie Juanita because he loves her. He wanted to get a head and become famous. Juanita Bynum was already famous for who she is today. He was angry at her for not putting more of her money where he wanted it to go. Weeks is a beater and a user.
    Anonymous said…
    No woman should stay with a man who puts his hand on her. It's that simple. Once they hit you, they have it in them to hit you again. This is not about 2 religious figures going through an embarrssing public feud. This is about a man beating a woman. I'm glad she left. God asks us to forgive but he also gave us a brain and common sense to think for ourselves and protect ourselves. Bishop Weeks should be ashamed of himself. He's no man of God, he's on the devil's payroll. Women are beautiful, God's most wonderful creation and I'm sick and tired of men victimizing us. It's time we put our foot down and stop tolerating their despicable behaviour.
    Anonymous said…
    I believe that Prophetess Bynum had to go thur this in order for the Lord to get the Glory out of the mess she had gotten her self into, With the marriage she had excepted as the one she thought was given to her by God but the marriage that she had chosen for herself. At the time he came it was the spirit of Deception to get her focues off. Jesus was bringing healing and contentment in her soul, God used what the devil ment for evil and the Lord Jesus is going to get the Glory out of it all. As a Prophet of God I speak healing to the mind, soul, and spirit of them both and I pray that God's Will be done In Jesus Holy and Righteous Name Amen.
    Sincerely, God's servant
    Anonymous said…
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    Anonymous said…
    We are living in an age in which the enemy is coming in like a flood, ripping apart the first institution God established upon the earth... the family. Keep your husbands, wives, children, cousins, parents in prayer. Ever so much is never too much. Just remember that we have been given the power/authority to thread on the heads of serpents and scorpions. Tap into this power source and go forth with God
    bintou j.b said…
    That's life. A mixture of good times and challenging ones.

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