Robin Thicke's Race? Wife? Lyrics? Dad? Hot, hot, hot and still hot!

by Paula Neal Mooney

I feel like the last person on Earth to finally figure out who Robin Thicke is.

His 'Lost Without U' song from his 'Evolution of Robin Thicke' CD drew me away from my gospel channel, compelling me to absorb the falsetto lyrics with wonder:

Baby you're the perfect shape
Baby you're the perfect weight

Is that a man singing?

I asked myself, before feeling like a fool falling in love yet again.

You don't want this guy
You don't want that guy

Okay, Robin Thicke is a brotha, I naturally assumed. One harkening back to the height of Maxwell, shouting out an ode to D'Angelo with his "how does it feel?" hook.

Treat me like it's my birthday
I want it this way, I want it that way

Then I caught the tail end of Robin Thicke's Today Show performance, actually just the interview seen in this video.


Something finally clicked in my brain, after all these months of making a mental note to "Google Robin Thicke" every time I saw the 30-year-old's name displayed on my minivan's panel.

Robin Thicke is a white boy!

And not just any white boy, but the son of Alan Thicke -- hence the familiar spelling of the last name.

So my gut is still reeling after finally watching the hot video of Lost Without U, which I wasn't even going to link to until I discovered that the woman in the Lost Without U video is none other than Robin Thicke's wife, the enviably gorgeous black actress Paula Patton.

Watch for Paula in upcoming This Wednesday movie trailers.

I'm so jealous. They're so gorgeous together.

And how the heck did Alan Thicke's son get so much soul?

Anyway, he's beautiful, she's beautiful, his dad's beautiful, Robin's music is beautiful -- he and my namesake will make beautiful babies.

In case you're like me, the small percentage of the populous who's not already hot for this guy, just check out all the stuff people wanted to know about Robin Thicke months ago.

Just imagine how much bigger Robin Thicke will get now...

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Bonnie Calhoun said…
Ha! I'm one day ahead of you on this one....LOL...I saw an interview with him yesterday.

I always enjoyed his dad on TV...I'll have to check out the son's music!
Robbie is one like a breath of fresh air on the RnB scene. He just happens to be white which will make some go into a tirade about how they "stealing" our music but truth be told he has brought a different style back and everything is so cookie-cutter now this is definitely original music.
Connie Green said…
I was a production assistant in 1983 and I used to drop scripts off at the Thicke home in Sherman Oaks, California. Robin and his brother Brennan were home alone usually. Alan and their mother, Days of Our Lives soap actress Gloria Loring, were going through a nasty divorce. Brennan has diabetes and I was always concerned about them. They seem to have made it through those years well and landed on their feet. Good for them!
Sincere said…
He's a very talented musician and seems to be an all around good person. He had a previous cd out called A Beautiful World, I think it came out in 02 or 03.. but it is prety good.. You should check that out as well. As always, love what you have to say.
KWiz said…
Yeah, Steve Harvey interviewed him on his morning show a few months back when the song "Lost Without You" came out. It was a great interview, and it seems he began to blow up after that. He is an awesome talent - I've still got to get the CD though. Beautiful voice, and I'm so glad he's seeing success. I too was surprised to discover he was a white man! I hope he continues to produce the same, if not higher, level of music as he moves forward.
Beaman said…
Make that the 2nd to last person on Earth! :p You learn something new everyday.
James said…
It may take a white boy to bring back the neo soul sound of the late 90's, Maxwell, D'Angelo, Jill Scott ect, I loved them all, i haven't checked out this white boy that has you excited but I will, I do not listen to much radio outside of my custom yahoo station which is mostly jazz. Thanks for the information
queen-to-be said…
Yes, they are def on eof my fav couples! Thanks so much for checking out my writing on Giant!
Martin Lindsey. said…
Spitting image of his old man. What was that sitcom that Alan Thicke was on in the 80's or 90's? Didn't watch it much but he seemed to be on enough commercials etc. that you couldn't help but know his name.
Yeah, and Robin imitated his dad, Alan Thicke, really well in an interview I recently watched.

And the sitcome was Growing Pains, with one of my favorite actors, Kirk Cameron.

People kid Kirk a lot for being such a strong Christian believer, but I love him and his beautiful wife and say God bless 'em!
Vanessa said…
Thanks for this post. I love Robin Thicke's music. :)
kweenkong said…
That was one funny, enjoyable post, Paula! lol Sounds like your honey better watch out: Robin Thicke may come steal you away!

I first became aware of Robin several years ago, when he had a neo-soul video in rotation on VH-1 Soul. The name of the song never really stuck in my mind, but his sexy, confident, soulful voice was one that immediately make my head snap toward the TV.

When I learned this "blue-eyed soul brother" was the son of Alan Thicke, I smiled... I know how very cool Alan is and enjoyed seeing how the apple hadn't fallen far from the tree.

The dad, Alan Thicke, was close friends with a top, black DJ I knew back in Philly in the early nineties. Alan and my DJ friend "Dr. Perry Johnson" co-wrote and co-produced a hot little house-disco song together.

Their song never really went anywhere, but I thought it was great that, while he was hot on TV, Alan was spending his free time making music with the brothas!

...And how long did it take you post all those Robin Thicke links? lol I'm going back to click some right now!
kweenkong said…
PS -- I've never heard of his wife, Paula Patton. Hopefully one of your links will bring me up to speed on her career.
Robin Thicke was amazing yesterday on Oprah!

I'm turning into a serious fangirl.

And, Connie, thanks for the inside info about Robin Thicke's mom and dad.

So sad, divorce is...

And I checked out Gloria Loring's bio and Thicke's and Alan Thicke's too.

In 1983, the year of their divorce, Robin would've only been a 5-year-old, pretty young to be home alone.

I hope his brother Brennan was older!

And thank God for watching out for them all and carrying them thru to this point.

Robin Thicke's mom looks beautiful from her photos. And we already know Alan Thicke is gorgeous, so no wonder their sons are too...
Anonymous said…
People keep praising Robin because his wife is black. Well first of all she's mixed and she acts more on the white side, so he might as well have married a white girl. I doubt he would marry a darker skinned girl who acted more "black" (if you catch my drift). I guess Robin feels that he can have his cake and eat it too; he probably feels that he'll be credible to black people yet not have to deal with a girl who is 'overtly' black. Wigger please.
"Wigger please" -- that's a new one on me! You made me chuckle.

Yeah, I just saw a pic of a gorgeous woman on the back of the Deja Vu DVD my hubby was reading.

"Who is that?" I asked, then answered my own question when I saw the name Paula Patton in the credits.

She is beautiful, and maybe Robin wouldn't have married a darker-skinned girl. I know the self-hatred blacks have created on one another, and I've got my own color complex issues -- I catch myself all the time thinking that warped mentality.

But like Robin said, he can't fake his soul. You can tell when a white guy is just trying to "put on" a black air about himself, and differentiate that from ones who just have an inner kind of coolness.
Tina said…
Fine, he has "soul", but what I don't get is why in some interviews that I've seen of him, he uses so-called ghetto slang? Is'nt his dad famous actor Alan Thicke, which means that Robin was born in the suburbs in a mostly white neighbourhood. Why the ghetto slang? That to me is fake.
Iris said…
I did not know Robin Thicke had him a black woman, I thought she was spanish or somthing, ok I c him, lol, anyways I was actually using google to see what Color Robin Thicke was, I thought he was Italian, but a white boy, wow, he is so sexy, I love Robin Thicke, I wish I was that black girl, he gave his heart too
Yep, Robin "Robbie" Thicke, as I've now taken to calling him, is on my TiVo as I write.

Gotta go check out his Oprah Show performance!
Tiiz said…
I'm probably not going to make most popular on this site with this post but, I wanted to make some points that -Anonymous also made but with less emotion.

First I would like to say...Yes, I loved "Growing Pains" when I grew up, Kirk Cameron and his gorgeous Dad...heck how many other choices did I have outside of the Cosby Show.

It's invariably funny that when a caucasion male does something similar to what comes naturally to blacks he has "soul." The same thing was said about Justin Timberlake. However, we can not rule out the fact that many celebrity images are calculated.

Don't get me wrong. I like Robin Thicke's album.

The Race Issue - He doesn't sound black. He sounds like Robin Thicke a practiced musician.

On his wife-I absolutely can't agree with the fact that everyone is identifying Robin as being with a "black" woman. She is NOT for all intensive purposes black unless its for good press. She is biracial. There's nothing wrong with this fact. I hate that black people have fallen victim to believing what "White folks" did to separate us from them long ago.. with their racism- One drop of nigger blood...You're a nigger.

No...they're biracial.

The idea of being colorstruck for making an observation - I'll agree there are some self-esteem issues in the black community. Let's ask ourselves why? and then make a conclusion. Slaves were treated differently and could have different lives based on the color of their skin. This was passed down for generations because it hasn't changed. In the 1800's if you were caramel colored you were definitely partly white. It's a little different but the sentiment is the same. Racism still exists. I assure you that the black experience is varied but never chosen for "Black/Brown" folks. It's the reason Halle Berry can win an award and Angela Bassett can be overlooked. Do you think she's a better actress?

So we can be sure, the reason Robin is standing out right now is because there are many things working in his favor.
1) no brotha's in the genre right now. This wouldn't be a phenomenon if Maxwell were singing something similar. So his timing is impeccable.

2)He's being embraced by the black community giving him authenticity to
3) white people who also embrace him for being able to do something they can't.

But, where has Robin been all these years? answer...working on his soul. He's not that young. Maybe you can enlighten me.

This is exactly why everything we've ever created we've generously given away (hip hop, breaking, jazz , etc.). I love my black people we smile and then wonder why as a people we don't have more.

Also, No white person can bring back soul never left!! He can only mimic what he's heard growing. Didn't you know it's cool to be black right now?

With all this said, I think Robin is gorgeous as far as white men go. But, I prefer Morris Chestnut types. I also like his music but its categorized in my ipod as easy listening music along with Michael Bolton. He also seems very nice and down to earth and his wife make a nice looking couple. However, I would question whether he would hang out with my "crew" although we all creative, musically inclined, and have triplet degrees.

Thanks for the links. It was fun learning more about Robin Thicke.

I'm always just tellin' it like it T-I-Tiz at

P.S. forgive any errors I'm too lazy to review LOL! Sorry for the's my passion.
Anonymous said…
I dont understand why everything has to be about RACE. The man can sing, he's HOT and his wife is HOT. Thats it. Get over everything else.
Anonymous said…
why did that person up there write all that unnecessary garbage?

he's dope.
his wife is fine.
he seems like an alright dude.

get a life.
thickemusic said…
But, where has Robin been all these years? answer...working on his soul. He's not that young. Maybe you can enlighten me.

after his first albumn ' a beautiful world' failed to reach commercial success, although it was critically acclaimed, he had a break cos he thought he had failed, he was in a mess and needed to sort himslf out, not to work on his soul.
He already had that, soul was imprinted in the whole of his first albumn, but not in the RnB way as you (i use that term as in general, not you specifically) would know it, more rockish, but that is still soul. Iv herad people descrbe it as poetry on music, which it certainly is.

I also dont understand why issues have to be made about race, and i dont undersatnd how someone can act like a race. How can someone act 'black' or 'white'?? is that not just generalising? Putting people into specific categories is how social barriers are created.
I'm asian, indian to be exact, but i wouldnt say that act like a typical one, i dont watch that many bolloywood films, and hardly ever listen to indian music, i havent got a strong accent so im not really stereotypical, but would that mean that im not actually indian cos i dont act like one?? and you cannot say that Robin would not have married Paula if she was darker, theyve been together for about 15 years, highschool sweethearts, and i doubt the darkness of he skin would have deterred him from marrying her, because it was her who got him through the afore mentioned hard period in his life.

sorry for long post, but i for one am sooo passionate about Robin's music, it is the truth and i have respect for him. When you listen to his music you feel as you truly know him. so please dont knock him until you truley know all about him. i know hes not as great as all the great soul artists, but i thnk with a little more growth and evoloution (hehe)he has got it in his capacity to one day be, and he will be in the hall of fame....

Arch said…
Black people aren't the only ones on this earth that knows how to sing, etc. Can a lot of black people sing? The answer is yes. Can a lot of non-black people sing? The answer is yes.

Just because a non-black person can sing, it doesn't mean they are trying to be black.

I am a black woman and I have yet to know what is black. The only thing that is black about me, is my race.

Robin is not trying to sound black. He is sounding like Robin. That voice was given to him. Just like Whitney Houston's voice was given to her.

As for Paula. Is she mixed? She could be, but that doesn't mean that she is mixed.

A black person can be Paula's color or lighter with good hair and not be mixed at all.

I have seen a picture of a little black boy (He's Bernie Mac color). I say he was probably one years old. He has blue eyes. Because he is black, does that mean he can't have blue eyes, unless he is mixed?
brizzle said…
I don't care if Robin Thiche is white I like his music. I think his wife is beautiful, and I don't care if she happens to be black, mixed or whatever. All that matters is that they love each other. People need to learn to live in harmony and stop being so judgemental.
Anonymous said…
I read all these posts but one thing that we all seem to have forgotten is that beautiful song back in the 80's with Robin's mom and Carl Anderson "Friends & Lovers". She also co-wrote the theme song for "Different Strokes" and "Facts of Life" if most of you can't identify with Growing Pains which his dad starred in, then surely you would have viewed Different World to see Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges. Seems to me Robin was taught at an early age to accept people based on character and not color.
Anonymous said…
I really HATE how people can't see past color. It doesn't even matter, no really, it doesn't. he's a man that makes amazing music and his wife is just a stunning woman. It's that simple, color doesn't have to be a factor people. geez.
bettyjones said…
His mother is the lovely Gloria Loring who is a beautiful singer and actor as well. I don't know if anyone already posted that, but just thought I'd add it anyway. She was a nightclub singer on the the show "Days of Our Lives" and I was so sad when she left. Robin has got great genes from both sides.

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