Jason, Kelly and a red drop-top Ferrari 348 Spider...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Wow, now here's a blog!

The second person to respond to my yearnings for some link love was Jason Neuman.

Author of Ja Kel Daily, Jason sent me this link from his blog to mine.

Even though Jason didn't tell me what he loves or hates about my blog -- hint, hint -- I still reviewed his:

There are so many things I love about Ja Kel Daily that I could turn into a fan stalker:

* I love when guys author blogs with their wives, and don't pretend to be single whilst on the hunt for chicks on the web

* And this pic of Jason with his British wife Kelly is a serious winner...

* ...'cause I'm a hot car freak and love this Ferrari pic -- even if it is a rental. (A convertible champagne-colored Jaguar XK8 used to be my dream car.)

* Ja Kel Daily looks just like John Chow's blog, and they've got a cool set-up, with Jason's full byline and his Google Adsense wrapped nicely around his posts.

He's even got his Google Adsense flushed in nicely on his Feedburner feed.

Please, Jason, tell me how you did that!

* And I LOVE that Jason doesn't write solely techie issues, but has unique posts about kissing and gaining blog comments and fatherhood all mixed together, which you can easily see on his "Recent Posts" sidebar

* Ja Kel Daily also has a lovely and meditative header pic

* And the writing is wonderful, something you don't always see on techie-type blogs

The non-stalking stuff:
The only drawback is no email sign-up box.

When I click on his orange button and try to subscribe via Feedburner thru email, I don't get that option.

This might be intentional, 'cause I've seen it on other blogs, but I don't know why folks wouldn't want readers to subscribe via email.

This can be easily fixed by logging on to FeedBurner (burn a new feed, my blogging readers, if you don't have one), then select your feed and click on the Publicize tab.

Click on Email Subscriptions box on the left-hand side.

I recommend all bloggers should add the email code to their blogs.

Also, go to the bottom and if this service is inactive, activate it and make sure it saves!

Under the Optimize tab, you can also choose the Browser Friendly box on the left and select More Subscription options.

Choose all the ones you can, and it should also say you've already selected the email option.

Rock on, Jason and Kelly
I love this blog.

I added Ja Kel Daily via Google Reader and hope to keep up with it.

It's new, only a month old, but I don't think we've heard the last of this blogging couple.

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David Jones said…
Hi Paula,

You know, Ive been trying to get the feedburner email subscription added to my blog for months, Ive actually had it on my site a few times and then removed it. The reason is that it mucks up my columns. Don't know why, but a few widgets have done the same thing, I removed them also.

I really wish I could switch over to wordpress (since ive been experimenting with a wordpress blog lately) but I don't think theres any way to convert everything over and Ive made too many blog post to start over.

maybe I'll review your site, if I can get my heart off my sleeve long enough to handle a little criticism haha

On the same note, you probably wouldnt hear anything but praises from me...cause

1.I'm just nice like that.
2.I admire you as a fellow blogger. weird...just the way my mind works

and 3. I know my blog is far from perfect so I just think "who am I to criticize"
Hey Davey Jones!

I hope you don't hate that nickname.

Wow, I didn't know the Feedburner email subscription thing messed up columns.

Have you tried another Blogger template? Like the stretch two-column one?

But as you know, you'll lose some of your formatting things if you switch over to a new Blogger template.

Yeah, I'm hesistating on the whole new dot com for this blog, and waiting on changing it to WP.

Think I may just start a niche blog on WP, but I'm leaving this one be for now.

It's so fun!

I know what you mean about the criticism, but as long as they're constructive and given from a place of love, I'm all for it.
blogpaul said…
Hey Jason, don't worry dude, she said the same thing about my site...her negative comments put me so far in a hole that after I came out of the sugar induced coma I switched my entire blog so that it would satisfy HER...yes she's needy but SURE worth it!

Hey Jason, check it out I just blogged on her coment section of mybloglog...she's gonna love that one: http://www.mybloglog.com/buzz/members/PaulaNealMooney/

the one, the only, www.blogpaul.com
blogpaul said…
YOU'VE BEEEEEEEN REVIEWED!!!! www.blogpaul.com
Tisha! said…
Paula darling, your new blog format looks great!

Jason knows where his priorities are at, good man and I you did a wonderful job of reviewing him, thanks for letting me discover his work!

Have a great weekend sweetie!
zaki said…
It's my first time to comment on your blog. I nearly give up searching for the comment button...Luckily I found it....because I'm dying to comment on this post...ha ha....

Like Ja Kel Daily, I also blog with my wife too....

And I think that's a very healthy thing to do....What about you?
Thanks, Tisha. I hope your travels are going well.

I stopped by your blog one day and it was so rare 'cause you hadn't put up a post!

I missed you.

Hey Zaki - Other folks have said that about the comments section.

I'm gonna find a way to make it stand out more.
Jason said…
Hello Paula,

Sorry for the short review but each month I will be doing a full review of the person on my new top commentators section (most comments). Unfortunately I do not have the time to do full reviews daily, so that is why I went with the short ones. The feed burner ad sense is a plug-in code witch can be installed with wordpress only, as far as I know. I also added the email section that you mentioned on your review, thank you. Keep up the good work.

Jason (Ja Kel Daily)
Denise Nuttall said…
I also struggle with the feed burner thing.
I do have it on my Wordpress blogs, but I don't quite understand how it works with Blogger.
I wish I could get my husband involved with blogging or any of my internet indevors. It would cut down on my time and would really be great to share this with him.
[url=http://djnuttall-enterprises.com/]Make Money Online[/url]
Thanks, Jason...for your answers and honesty.

I've subscribed now to your blog!

You've got some interesting blog review wars going on over there.

And Denise - You've got a lot of blogs!

I'll come check you out and see if I can subscribe to the money-making one.

If it works on your WP blog, that's fine.

To get it to work on your Blogger blogs, just log on to Feedburner.com and burn a new feed and then turn on the options as described above.

Let me know how it goes...
Jose Tudor said…
Hi Paula,

If you're reading this, which I hope you are, then you know if checked out your tip for putting an RSS email subscription form on my blog.

Come check it out, and I hope you subscribe real soon! Thanks for the tip.

Take care,

silentsurfur said…
Hi Paula,

Thank you for the feed burner advice I tried to activate it but I got a message that I already have RSS..... so let me know what I have to do now.....

That's weird, silent surfur.

I don't see an orange button on your blog at all...

And your Feedburner link goes right back to your blog.

Log back on to Feedburner and follow their instructions on burning a feed. Did you do that?

Then look for the publicize and email subscription info and add that code to your sidebar.

Let me know if that works...

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