It's kinda disconcerting to see your own face on someone's blog...

by Paula Neal Mooney

But I asked for it.

People responded when I asked my readers: Want Some Link Love?

The first was Markk, who authors at least three blogs:

1 - WiredHound
2 - Common Sense with Markk
3 - The Next Post

He wrote up this post about me on The Next Post and gave some good and honest feedback on what he thought about my blog.

I'm gonna incorporate some of his advice in coming weeks.

So here's my review of The Next Post in return...

I like:
The Next Post has a nice, clean look.

And that banner at the top advertising Asian interests is so different and unique, it catches my attention every time I visit his blog.

Of course I love that Markk has email sign-up boxes prominently displayed on his blog.

I signed up right away.

There are so many techie good things to check into on his sidebar, I will be back often.

This is a personal pet peeve of mine, but I really don't like it when blog authors don't load their pics in their profile.

I just feel closer to people that I can see.

Tons of other people probably feel that way, too.

It's as if the anonymous bloggers are telling me, "I don't trust you enough to let you know the real me."

Common Sense with Markk
is even more up my alley, with its blogger tips.

It has all the bells and whistles that I want to steal -- including that nifty Babel Fish language translator that I've been meaning to put on my blog.

Again-- and this is a testament to what a great blog designer Markk is -- the only thing that really puts me off is the lack of an author pic.

(Plus, he would benefit from adding his full byline to each post on the onset. Especially since readers are probably hunting for more info about who authors the blog.)

Think about it: What most popular bloggers come to your mind?

* John Chow?
* Darren Rowse?
* Jeremy Shoemaker?

And we all know (or can readily find out) what they look like...

It's not a vanity thing, it's more for a point of reference. I really believe it makes the difference.


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ilker said…
Are you trying to send me a message Paula? =)
Oh yeah, especially since you showed me what you sent me.

I want the world to see you!
No love...I make my new blog with 53% of it my face only and I don't even get a mention!
KWiz said…
Hi Paula!

I wanted to comment on your pet peeve. I know for me, I haven't shown my personal picture because of privacy issues, not because I don't want someone to know me. I think I share alot of who I am and what I struggle with, some about my husband, some about my daughter. They are the ones who inspire me to write about me. But I do want people to know a bit about me, and I personally think that my "eye" illustrates a good bit about who I am (I did a post about the eye, especially for those who are on MyBlogLog).

So Paula, please don't feel like I don't want you to get to know me just because you don't see a picture. That's why I come to your blog - because I do want you to know a bit about who I am.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Hey Paul - Your pic reminds me of John Favereau...

Does anyone else tell you that?

KWiz - I guess I understand.

People have plenty of reasons why they don't want to display their real pics.

I'm just hoping to change all their minds... ;-)
KWiz said…
Thanks Paula. Maybe someday I might put my picture out there. Maybe I might put my daughter's out there (I'm actually thinking of that for the header of my blog, but not sure how that will relate to the title). But thanks for trying to understand.

Much blog love!!!


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