Isaiah Washington Wins Award: When Blacks Stick Together

by Paula Neal Mooney

This past week I caught Isaiah Washington as he accepted his Best Actor in a Television Drama kudos at the 38th Annual NAACP Image Awards.

Despite all the things I've read about his nasty temper -- even purportedly displayed against his own people well before the T.R. Knight name-calling explosion -- I felt happy as Isaiah Washington rose and humbly took his statue.

He needed it.

At a time when he must've felt the whole world against him, Isaiah Washington had to feel good being accepted by his folks.

Home again.

Where you can mess up and still be loved.

Of course, this blacks-sticking-together-no-matter-what kind of thinking can be really silly at times.

Like when comedian Damon Wayans said of O.J. Simpson:

"My blackness won't let me believe he did it."


Over the top reverse racism like that doesn't take into account that two people died horribly.

Where's your compassion for the murder victims, I always ask.

What if Nicole Brown was your sister?

And let none of us ever forget the savage and Christ-like murder of Matthew Shepard.

Matthew hung on that fence like a sacrificial lamb and died with the sounds of the wild west in the distance.

All due to the seed of hateful words like Isaiah Washington spewed...

On to my sistah...
This extra-long lede serves as a mind-set preface for the kid gloves I'm adopting to review the blog of Ms. Latina Renee, numero cinco on my list of bloggers getting and giving that link love.

Ms. Renee's blog is clean and structured, full of money-making ideas.

It's cool 'cause she even saved screenshots of her previous blog designs and took a poll, asking her readers which they liked best.

I love finding people of color in the blogosphere, especially techie ones like Ms. Renee.

The personal feel of posts like Ms. Latina Renee: How Did She Get Here? is the stuff that's right up my alley.

I gotta tell ya...
My only criticisms are that the Ms. salutation and third person references to herself make her feel at arm's length a bit to me.

But I know why webmasters do this, to give their personal sites the feel of being run by more than one person.

All in all, Ms. Latina Renee has got an interesting thing going on with her multiple blogs.

And I'll keep my eye on her, and not just because of the color of her skin, but also the content of her character...


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zaki said…
Hmmm....interesting blog from Ms. Latina Renee Enterprise you're reviewing....I'm learning from it too...

Nowadays, I see see black people start winning awards, and that's a very good achievement and sign.

Actually, for me, colour is nothing...The most important thing is kindness, faithful, sincerity....
Yvonne Russell said…
Hi Paula

I've been enjoying visiting your site, since I first discovered it through Jose's blog at Tried it Myself.

I've tagged you for a meme on my site. It's about exploring who you blog for, and who your audience is. I found it quite interesting.

Check it out, if you'd like to join in the meme on your blog.

All the best

Parisa said…
Paula-- You are such a bright spot in the world. To think-- if it were not for Michael Richards I wouldn't have found out about you! I thank God that his words were just words and that as negative and hurtful as they were by definition they added nothing into the world that didn't already exist. No shock, no revelation. Maybe just a reminder of where we are at as a nation but nothing to rock my planet. Your words, on the other hand, are not "just words". They are positive, sensible, constructive, just and healing. They add to conversations and thoughts and life. I just want you to know how much I appreciate that. Keep up the admirable, honorable work.
David Jones said…
Hi Paula,

you mentioning what Damon Wayans OJ comment reminds me of what Chris Rock said a while back.

"If he did it, I cant say I agree with it, but I UNDERSTAND"

or something like that
Hey Zaki! First again, heh?

Thanks, Yvonne - It's 3:30 a.m. and I needed some meme inspiration!

Parisa - What a cool name. I truly appreciate your kind words.

Yeah, David. I remember when Chris Rock said that. He's so good natured that it's hard to take Chris Rock in a bad way. But he does seem down on marriage -- at least he used to.

I just don't appreciate when any man believes a woman should stick by them while they are abusive...
Divya Uttam said…
Lifes a nice place when there is unity. But that does not mean that you should not tell each other if they do something wrong. You are a great woman, Paula. Keep it up.
mslatinarenee said…
Thank you for this post! We are surely sticking together with all this link love - rather it be white, black, pink,or purple.

I'll probably stay at arm's length, but don't worry: I'm just a click away.

- Ms. Latina Renee

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