How Fast is Google Crawling Your Blog?

by Paula Neal Mooney

The other day I was so excited to write about Google's new AdSense Referrals Betaprogram because I caught it right when it was announced to the public.

I published the post, pinged it on Google's blog search ping search, then searched for it thru Google Blog Search.

Nothing at first.

Pretty soon after, I received an email for my Google Alert set up on -- letting me know that Google had indexed my blog page.

I re-checked a Google blog search on "Adsense Referrals Beta" and there was my blog post. It made it in at the number two position for relevance, right under Darren Rowse, Mr. himself.

How did I get Google to pick up my info so fast? Besides the aforementioned publishing and pinging, I relate this to two other factors:

1 - Having a sitemap listed in Google Webmaster Tools for my blog

Visit Google Webmaster Tools if you haven't already, click on the Google Webmaster Tools (including sitemaps) link and then "Add Site".

Follow the instructions to verify your blog site and add a sitemap. Now, I must admit, it took me FOREVER to figure out how to get my blog verified properly.

Only when I read Hakuna Matata's instructions -- gee think that's his real name? -- did I finally get to show up with a litte '1' under the sitemap page.

My other blog address listing, is also verified and with the '1' under sitemap, but it contains errors. Only when I followed Hakuna Matata's instructions on adding my atom.xml feed as my sitemap, did I have success.

2 - Achieving a normal (instead of slower) crawl rate for Googlebot

After you've set up your blog on Google Websmaster Tools, check and see what your crawl rate is by locating the "Diagnostic" tab then clicking the Crawl Rate link on the left-hand side.

Initially, my blog was set to the dreaded Slower rate: "A slower crawl will reduce Googlebot's traffic on your server, but we may not be able to crawl your site as often."

Some time after figuring out how to get my blog properly verified and a good sitemap attached, I went back and found out I was given the option to have it crawl at the Normal, recommended crawl rate.

From what I've read, updating your blog often will help flip your crawl rate into normal mode if it's slower, along with the sitemap and verification steps described above.

This is one reason I'm posting this puppy on my dad's nice and fast and lovely computer while I'm off on a vacation-of-sorts. I love having my normal crawl rate!

Hope yours is at least normal now too...

Now, does anyone out there know what you have to do to get a fast crawl rate option? Sign up to my blog so you won't miss the answer when I'm fast-crawling!

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Anonymous said…
Ok you said leave you a note so I
I take it you are the daughter of Paul Mooney? If so I will say that your dad is the shit!! Ok I won't go further until I know this is for real......
Martin Lindsey. said…
Paula, you keep bringing the great tips. I need a smaller one today though. How do you customize the "comments" link to add extra text?
Hey Yazmar -

That's a sweet moving avatar there. Love Mary J...

And yeah, I'm not Paul Mooney's daughter. We're not even related, that I know of...but check it: Paul Mooney on Michael Richards: He cured me of using the n-word.

But thank you so much for calling me his daughter and not his mother, or even worse, his grandma!

Be blessed,
Hello there, Martin

If you want to customize your comments link like I did (only 'cause people tell me they have a hard time find my comments section) then first make sure to save a copy of your template by:

1 - Go to Template
3 - Download Full Template


4 - Click the "Expand Widget Templates" check box

5 - Find the spot after data:post.numComments and change the text IN THE TEXT PORTION THAT SAYS "comments" -- NOT IN THE DATA:POST.NUMCOMMNENTS PART, ONLY IN THE TEXT PORTION -- to say anything you want, like I've added:


This text should show up before the "data:top.commentLabelPlural" but don't change any of the < > and be very careful!

Make sure to preview your changes before saving them and you'll have that saved good copy of your template in case you need it.

Be warned however, I noticed my text only shows up after I have comments, so I think I also need to add this text to another comment section of code to get it to show up for when there are 0 comments.

Take care and I hope that helps,
Laura said…

Thanks for this article. It's always really helpful to know the inner workings of Google.
Anonymous said…
lol oh ok I was wondering about the Paul Mooney thing...because you look rather young.

Ahhhhhhhhh u like my avatar? so u a fan of Mary J. Blige??!!!

Glad u are no longer using the N-word
Hey Martin, here's a good way to change it too. I love this blog and their description of stuff:

Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta: Create Add Your Comment Link.
zaki said…
Hey Paula,

It's good to hear that you've made it just after Darren...That simply shows that you are having great techniques and your blog is gaining popularity and interest and readership from fellow netizens....

I'm so happy for you. I need to learn more from you. Do you mind I ask you few questions in your mail box? Need some tuition...he he...
Markk said…
If you've not done it yet, go to Yahoo and submit your URL and atom feed like you did at Google.

Hey Paula, your blog is really moving. But sometimes, slow down a bit, take a second honest look at your blog and wonder to yourself: Am I cluttering up things?

I admire your boundless energy.

Cheers to you from a guy with an alternate view.
Hey Markk - You are correct, sir!

I'm so grateful for people who speak truth to me and aren't afraid to give honest feedback.

Thanks for still reading...

Yes, for this reason I do step back sometimes and realize the clutter can turn off readers.

Look for some changes as I continue to pretty up my blog and make it even more readable.

I like the blogs that are easy to read, like yours.

Take care and I'll be over there soon.

Much thanks,

Sure, you and any of my readers can hit me up any time at

I love email,
natnit said…
Great post, and thanks for teaching me about Google Alerts...I'm surprised I never knew of that trick before.
Thanks, natnit - Sometimes I wonder if this kind of stuff is helping anybody, and then along you come to confirm that what I went thru helps people!
George C. said…
Hi There! Good post! Thanks for sharing and good luck.
Nicholas said…
last time, i took 1 days for my blog to appear in google .
Yeah, I guess that's good timing, Nicholas, but hopefully it showed up in Google Blog Search soon after you pinged it.

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