Going back to my real lover...

by Paula Neal Mooney

"Come away with me," he whispers.

"Not now," I say. "Don't you see all these emails I need to answer?"

"Let it be..."

"Do you see all these readers I've gotten lately?" I huff.

"I'm the one who gave them to you..." The Answer answers.

Caught in the act...
My lover has a hurt look in his eyes.

I've been caught spending too much time with lesser loves.

I make a fool of myself. I stray too far away.

His pain gives me pain...the other lovers fail me.

I run back to him, tears clouding my eyes as I struggle to make out the words and meaning behind his love letter to me.

No more looking for love...

...in all the wrong places. The free link love is over.

Only the Green Llama and The SOHO Quest remain.

So here goes:

The layout of the "Offbeat News and Random Crap" of the Green Llama is all-at-once striking and unique.

It's "bad bad Leroy Brown" author has even surpassed post #300, a feat to be proud of.

The Green Llama's header is well laid-out with easy-to-find archives and stuff that speaks to why Leroy is driven a bit mad by my big header.

And though Leroy has no pic of himself displayed, I get a true feeling of his warmth and generosity thru his offer to help me learn WordPress.

If only my sensibilities weren't offended by some of the links I followed -- no doubt the same thing I've done to some of my blog readers -- a seeming trend for today. Good thing the day is almost done...

Next up...
The Digital Nomad author of Soho Quest, another curiously clean blog, all squished together in alabaster neatness.

This cool sun-glassed cat spells out his admirable "personal paradigm shift" in his profile:

To "embark on the journey of making a living online with a portable business, having the ability to travel and work from essentially anywhere on the planet."

If only The Soho Quest would keep more than two blog posts on his front page at a time...

I find keeping more posts on my front page helps my blog traffic.

Google may crawl The Soho Quest's front page one day and capture some interesting search terms

But the blog post is then archived away and before Google gets a chance to index it, those searchers are left in no man's land -- searching for search terms once on your front page but no longer to be found there.

And whilst Soho Quest's Google ads are very neat, I couldn't for the life of me get that "view ads about" search box to work.

All in all, seemingly two cool dudes, two cool blogs, and me, back focused on the love of my life.


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Bonnie Calhoun said…
I never miss an episode of 24. I have the same First love. I gave you the first of many shoutouts as my monetizing Guru...and the font in your ad space is Verdana, if you want to match it!

Phew! I got that all out in one breath!
Martin Lindsey. said…
Morning Paula. So, what's a good number of posts to have displayed at all times? I think the default on blogger was 7 or something like that and I may have reduced it to 5 thinking I was making it look neater. I'll turn it up again though if that's what the spiders need.

One more thing. Can you write a post explaining what "Embed content in your site" means? I see this a lot these days when I subscribe to other bloggers feeds.
Laura said…
Such beautiful writing again.

Good reviews, I checked out both sites.

Once again, good work!!
Thank you, my cyberbuddies in Christ, Bonnie, Martin and Laura!

Yes, Martin, I found that keeping 7 -- God's perfect number! -- posts on my front page works better for SEO.

Folks were searching for search terms on my front page that fell off after day 3 when I only kept 3 posts on my front page.

Post #4 obviously hadn't indexed yet or something, and I didn't want to lose that traffic.

It's working for me!

Google crawls my pages faster now -- at a normal rate. Check and search for everything on Google Webmaster Tools to see what crawl rate you have on your blog.

Check for an upcoming post on this from me.

Take care,
blogpaul said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
blogpaul said…
RIGHT ON!!! You know what is cool Paula...I drove down the street yesterday and thought of something that was corrupting our country to blog about and then I said...who cares! It will all still happen no matter if I write about it or not (i've read Revelations!) so I'm right there with you, STILL WITH my real love! Christ conquers ALL!

But in case some of you out there in 'Paulaland' are wondering where to go for link love...PLEASE, let me introduce you to funny, charming, handsome, and still single ladies: http://www.blogpaul.com
He lovvvvvves the link love!

I love ya Paula...my sister in Christ! ;)
Thanks, brother in Christ, Paul!

And Martin, I forgot to answer that the "embed this content" is just if you want to preview other articles from a blog on your site.

I've never used it but I've seen other people do it. Like, they'll pull in headlines and teaser text from an entertainment blog or something.

I'm assuming it works on Blogger...

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