Make More Money Blogging: Get Your Ads to Pay More

by Paula Neal Mooney

Much thanks to High Paying Keywords for leading me to this InternetBazaar posting about how to get your Google Adsense ads to make you more money by performing better.

They are great tips that can translate to getting more money from Google Adsense -- and the thought-process can work for whatever other ads you run as well.

You can read the full explanation of the tips over at the above-linked sites, but here's how I'm applying them:

1. Tear Down the Borders
Check. I've been removing borders on the Google text ads -- don't think this applies to the image ads that I love. I also remove the borders on all my Amazon ads.

2. Use Matching Fonts
Ehh...I can't always match the font of my site's content to my AdSense ads.

3. Use Matching Colors
Ditto. But I do try to blend them as much as humanly possible.

4. Use Blue Links
Love the blue links!

5. Use Big Ads
I love this tip. Yesterday I switched to the Large Rectangle (336x280) that Internet Bazaar says is the best performing ad unit. Already I've noticed cooler ads popping up. My CTR was pretty good yesterday -- but I changed in the middle of the day, so I'll keep checking.

6. Use Lots of Ads
I've seriously got this down pat!

7. Place Ads Above the Fold

8. Place Ads on the Left
Double check!

9. Use the Google AdSense Heat Map
I "lova" the heat map, pictured here. I've put my stuff in the hot spots, thanks to Louiss' tips over at Blogging Secret that lead me to the Blogger Digest code on how to do this, covered in the next tip.

10. Integrate Ads with Content
If you want your Google Adsense ads flushed in with your content like mine, read the Blogger Digest posting, but be warned:

Always save a copy of your template first before changing anything!

That way you'll easily restore your blog template if you need to...

Every single punctuation mark matters!

I've only used this code on my new Blogger (aka Blogger Beta) blog. Don't know if it will work on other blogging platforms. Try it at your own risk...

11. Use Custom Channels
I gotta do better about using more detailed custom channels to figure out which ad location folks are clicking on more, so I can repeat that in the future. But I'll bet you "a dollar to a donut" that it's the ones in the middle.

12. Don't use Low-Paying Competing Ads -
Check. I used AdsBlackList for that. But I wish Google would allow us to block more than 200 of the low-paying ad sites!

13. Use URL Channels
Great tip. I gotta throw a bunch of URLs in my Google Adsense channels to see which one pays best.

14. Use an AdSense Reporting Package
I don't really know what AdSense reporting software is, so I'd better look into it.

15. Don't Compete for Other Peoples High Paying Keywords
Hey! Doesn't this go against what the Day Job Killer is preaching?

16. Do Compete for Your Own High Paying Keywords
Okay, I need to seriously study my own keywords and compete for them once I become a Google Adwords guru.

17. Increase Traffic
Working on that puppy daily, dude! And on that note, Subscribe to Paula Mooney by Email for more tips like this with a whole lotta me thrown in.

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That Journalist said…
Gotta love these posts Paula! Although I barely understand half the things you said, it's still nice to know this info....thanks for the post!
Tisha! said…
Sweetheart, sorry I have been away so long! More great advice and you explain it all so well, thanks! xox
Bonnie Calhoun said…
You are making my head swim! LOL

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