Kate Walsh's Grey's Anatomy Spin-off Will Attract Millions

by Paula Neal Mooney

There's something special about Kate Walsh.

Special enough to spin Kate Walsh off from Grey's Anatomy into her own pilot and series.

Fans of Grey's Anatomy already know the 39-year-old, 5'10" blue-eyed Californian who dyes her blonde hair red.

Kate Walsh strolled onto the Grey's Anatomy scene decked out in an all-designer black suit and introduced herself to Ellen Pompeo's character by saying:

"You must be the woman who's sleeping with my husband."

But since then the once "adulterous spawn of Satan" has beguiled viewers.

Emerging as Patrick Dempsey's cheating wife who left Manhattan and relocated to Seattle to try and reclaim her marriage, Kate Walsh's character was initially vilified.

Grafting into Grey’s Anatomy
Folks eventually softened on Kate's Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, as the beauty ditched salmon scrubs in favor of a dark blue uniform that signaled Walsh's placement as a permanent part of the medical drama.

Fans also fell in love with Kate's goofy real-life persona displayed in interviews.

"I must say the scenes with Dempsey out in the trailer were pretty fun," Walsh joked honestly about her love scenes set in the Washington wilderness with Patrick.

Med-heads warmed to "the most hated woman on TV" when writers gleaned a sympathetic storyline for Kate -- displaying Addison’s loneliness and hurt as the wife of a workaholic surgeon.

Is Kate Walsh married?

Is Kate Walsh looking for a new love?
Those are the main question fans were asking lately, hot on the trails of Kate Walsh's on-screen burgeoning hook up with hot intern Alex Karev, played by Justin Chambers.

Inquiring minds also want to know if Kate is married. According to Parade, she is single.

But today, news of a Kate Walsh spin-off from Grey's Anatomy have message boards a-flying, hot with debate over whether Kate Walsh is leaving Grey’s or not.

Astute observers noticed that news reports list her character’s full name, Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, in spin-off reports, leaving the door open to an easy transition back into the Grey’s fold if the spin-off -- reportedly to air in May -- dies.

Kate Walsh's spin-off is reminiscent of the Aaron Spelling spin-off of Beverly Hills 90210, when Jennie Garth's Kelly anchored the new Melrose Place.

The success of that calculated risk is one for the late-producer’s history book of great accomplishments.

Now the question is: Will Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes experience the same success?

Money in the bank?
The ABC television network is banking on the answer to that question being a resounding, "Yes!"

ABC predicts that Grey's Anatomy fans will follow Kate Walsh and her infectious aura over to her own show in droves to the as yet-to-be-named spin-off.

And judging from the 20-million plus viewers glued to their sets during Grey's last season finale, a Kate Walsh spin-off might be good medicine.
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MsJayy said…
Hmmm. Interesting. Hadn't heard about this. Move the Addison character & I'll probably watch the spin-off with some skepticism. :O)
KWiz said…
Thanks Paula for the update. I'd heard this morning while I was running out the door that there may be a spin-off. But what I appreciated about your post is that you provided such great background on the show. Grey's Anatomy happens to be one of my favorites, and Addison, while I hated her at first, is one of my favorites. And she is so gorgeous! I'll be one who will follow the spin-off and hope it does well. I do think it is unfortunate, though, for Grey's Anatomy.
kerrylgarcia said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
kerrylgarcia said…
Although I like Addison now, as opposed to when she first appeared on the show, she isn't nearly as intriguing as other characters on the show. While Addison definitely adds to the show her leaving would effect the show the least out of any other character, with the exception of Mark Sloan. It is entirely inaccurate to predict that Walsh's spin-off would be as successful as Garth's Melrose Place in that Kelly was a key role and much more established character in Beverly Hill 90210. It's irrelevant how many viewers the spin-off will attract but more of how many it will retain. I would tune-in for the premiere but am very skeptical as to whether I'd race home to watch it or set aside space on my TiVo like I do for Grey's Anatomy. Nevertheless, I'd wish Kate and Shonda good luck with the show that has no hope of moving out of Grey's enormous shadow.

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