How I Doubled my Pageviews Overnight for Free

by Paula Neal Mooney

Over the past three days I've tracked an amazing phenomenon whereby my blog's pageviews have increased dramatically -- more than doubled, in fact -- which I can attribute to only one thing. Outside of that Holy Ghost fire, that is.

This was all free. I've yet to invest in the Google Adwords campaign that I plan to launch to drive up blog traffic like John Chow as done.

No, I moved up my VIEW MY STATS button to a more visible location.

While the average number of visitors on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week remained consistent as shown on this graph, the following Friday, Saturday and Sunday saw my pageviews increase and double on average.

Viewers must find it interesting to click on the VIEW MY STATS button then click on features like POPULAR PAGES, which gives a good current breakdown of my most popularly-viewed pages. (Once I actually increase my log size file greater than 100 meg -- I'm assuming -- this will even be more invaluable and list more stats about my popular pages.)

Another interesting click point is probably the RECENT KEYWORD ACTIVITY feature that I also like to use. It shows you the truly varied (and sometimes hilarious) search terms folks have typed in to find you.

My blog readers (many of them probably new visitors 'cause I'm banking on search engine traffic over subscribers right now, because I believe the search engine traffic will ultimately bring the subscriber numbers, which are slowly and steadily growing) must click on these features to investigate my stats, then click on the resulting blog pages of mine that StatCounter returns them to.

This is such a win-win, because it has helped people come back to my site and remain on my blog longer, where they're more apt to read advertisements or buy affiliate products and such. I just checked my Google Adsense account and verified that my click-thru rate (page CTR) is getting better. More people clicked on my Google Adsense ads (twice as many on Thursday as the previous day) and my CTR is steadily improving.

So there you have it. If you're so inclined and are looking to increase pageviews, add the StatCounter code to your site.

Then add a NICE bold noticeable VIEW MY STATS link to your site in a highly visible location, along with the largest count button in bold colors you can dream up that'll catch your readers' eyes.

Don't worry if your stats are low. Try it...this may be one way to increase them. Hey, I wasn't even paid to promote this. Does StatCounter have an affiliates program?

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Laura said…
Very interesting. I did click on your stats and noticed the same "trend" that I see on my blog (although I don't even a fraction of your traffic you do). People seem to be reading on the weekends (which is usually when I don't have time to post). Good thought-provoking piece.
Jennifer said…
Hi Paula... I haven't posted a "view my stats" link because I'm pretty new to blogging and don't have so many visitors. I think it might backfire. Hmmm you don't think it matters? You are so great at blogging... my inspiration! :-)
kystorms said…
Hey Paula
As usual great and informative post :-) I use the same counter for stats
and I went into my stats pages to see where a link to post so others could see is, but could find none... do we just link to the stats page and post that as the link?
Thanks for being such a leader to us newbies
Martin said…
Yet another great post. You are getting serious results and quickly! My technorati button out to be ready soon and I'll start getting people to "favor" me. Next, doubling my pageviews!!!
Hi Laura! Yes, it's so cool and the weird and wonderful thing is that not just more folks are reading on the weekend now, but the pageview (or pageload) increase shows that they're staying around longer. The number of visitors have remained the same or increase slightly compared to the big jump in pageviews.

Yeah, Jennifer, I hope you got my other email but maybe it could work, even for low stats...

Hi Lisa - Yes, when you log on to StatCounter and go to the install code (the little wrench looking thing), one of the pages has this option to check:

Add a 'View My Stats' Link?
Select this option to add a 'View My Stats' link, which will allow anyone to view your site's stats. This will make your project public. You can also customise the text of the link.

So check that and you'll have your "View My Stats" button to put up. You can bold it and make it larger, too if you want. I'll forward you the code when you're ready.

Hey Martin! Thanks for email subscribing to my blog! And I'll check Technorati to see if I can favor you soon.

Peace all and much love,
Jimmy said…
That is silly. It has nothing to do with people clicking your view stats page.

I had the same thing happen on my blog where I moved the stat counter to the top of the page and it doubled my traffic. That is because of pageloading.

If you have your stat counter at the bottom of the page, it is less likely to count a visitor, because the page might be slow or time out or someone might click another page quickly before it loads the javascript to count the page.

You should always put the page counter at the top of the page load to get a real estimate of total traffic to your blog.
It's not so silly, Jimmy.

When you hover over my "View My Stats" button, the MyBlogLog code gives you a preview of how many folks have clicked on that button per hour.

So I know how many are actually clicking on the button -- not just pageview loading -- compared to before.

But whatever the reason, I'm glad the page impressions are being counted correctly now and also increasing...
Okay, I'm checking again, Jimmy and maybe it is so silly.

I've researched Google Analytics numbers for that time period as well and I'm thinking maybe the pageload increase is due to me having the "view my stats" button twice on my blog now.

Once at the bottom; once at the top.

Sorry! We shall see...

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