Making $132,994.97 in Google Adsense Revenue in One Month: Get the Highest-Paying Google Adsense Ads

Making $132,994.97 in Google Adsense Revenue in One Month: Get the Highest-Paying Google Adsense Ads by Paula Neal Mooney

God bless developers. And God bless "Mario" for not laughing when he read my Make a Real Living Off Your Blog in 2007 post and my goal to make six-figures this year from blogging. Instead, Mario lead me to this list of other six-figure (per month!) bloggers, which includes Jeremy Shoemaker -- a brilliant blogger who uses a pic of a pretty blonde as his avatar -- but it's him featured in the below pic with his $137,994.97 Google Adsense check.

And God please also bless Ted Demopoulos, who upon reading my good gifts for bloggers post sent me his new book called What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting: Real-Life Advice from 101 People Who Successfully Leverage the Power of the Blogosphere -- signed and everything! The book was so good I took it everywhere and gained great tips about not only making money blogging, but other insights as well.

And especially bless all these great techie blogs that have given me good tips on how to position Google Adsense ads for the highest click-thru pay rates.

Along with aiming to create great content overall, I'm also experimenting with getting the highest-paying Google Adsense ads by consolidating all I've learned thus far:

  • Thru Blogger Digest I learned a cool new way to incorporate these Google Adsense ads inside my Blogger posts (which should garner better click-thru rates but is no small feat for Blogger bloggers) in a way that doesn't violate their terms of service agreement. The Google ads are fitting in nicely (including the video ads, which people tend to click on more, I noticed) and I'm loving it!

  • Another blog claimed that the highest-paying Google Adsense ads happen if you post your blog posts soon after midnight. I'll start paying more attention to my Google Adsense revenue those days following the nights I post late. I don't know another way to track this...

  • Blogging Secret (which is the guy who led me to Blogger Digest, whose instructions you should use if you're trying to wrap your Google ads in your blogger posts), gave a list of the highest-paying Google adsense keywords. He claims they pay from around $2.50 up to $18 or more per click.

  • Hey, I think of something witty to say about getting degrees online for that pay rate! So this post will not only help bloggers make lots more money, hopefully it'll also help people who want to get reputable online degrees achieve that goal. I'm ready to get my online blogging degree. Do they have those yet? The supposed highest-paying keywords are in my Technorati tags below. Again, I'll let you know what's what...

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    That Journalist said…
    Paula you never cease to amaze me. Instead of keeping all this new knowledge to yourself, you graciously share it with all your readers, which I sincerely appreciate. And thanks for sharing those popular keywords...I'm going to have to craft a witty post about online degrees as well!
    Mario returns via email with more goodies:


    What do you think of blog networks ? My
    favorite is (not listed).

    LOUI$$ said…
    nice one paula, keep it up and up!
    Ted Demopoulos said…
    Thanks for the kind words Paula!
    AdSense works spectacularly with some content, less so with other content. That said I haven't played with it in some time and may need to again
    More emails:

    In a message dated 1/16/2007 11:01:32 AM Eastern Standard Time, bruce writes:

    (this is not automated or templated)

    Thnx to mybloglog I can see you just took a gander at my blog. Amazing aint it?

    I took a peek at your blog and all I can say is HOLY ADSENSE TIPS BATMAN! Some very intersting data.

    I am really emailing you to ask about Ted's book about blogging and podcasting. I am thinking of getting it. How did you like it? Was there some hard data in there or mostly anecdotal? Did you find it useful?

    Bruce A. Prokopets

    My reply:

    Oh yeah, I really and honestly liked it. It taught me so much about blogging and inspired me to blog on other platforms and broke down basic ideas that I didn't understand.

    I guess it depends on how well-versed you already are with blogging. Maybe super-techies wouldn't find it useful, but I still did. Especially since it's so new (copyright 2007) and fresh and not stale.

    I love that Ted actually interviewed 101 different people and got all their varied aspects on blogging. Some of them disagree and that's the beauty of it all! I learned tips here and there that really stood out for me, even the littlest of things...

    And Ted even interviews a rich splogger in Russia or somewhere really cold as they drank vodka. So talk about your varied bloggers...

    The only part I skipped thus far were the sections on podcasting (which Ted explained can mean audio or video bloggers) only because I don't listen to audio podcasts much, but other people are really into that.

    I feel good telling people about this book. If I would've hated it, it would probably be sitting on my shelf right now unopened instead of right next to me on my computer desk as a coaster for my empty protein shake...

    Mr. Biggs said…
    Hi Paula,

    This is great stuff and inspirational for fellow bloggers striving for the six-figure blog. i am subscribed, will be reading more of you.

    More email:
    Hi Paula,

    Here's a couple links that might help you with that goal:

    More related email:

    Good evening, Paula,

    First I want to say that it was your blog that inspired me to look into blogging as a possible source of income, and continues to inspire me to keep at it. If you check out my blog, You Can Go Home Again, you will see why I have to make this work. There are no posts there yet, just the framework, but I'm getting there.

    In your January 1 post, where you said "I'm gonna look into TypePad or buying a new domain from GoDaddy or something...suggestions?" I saw an opportunity to return the favor in a small way. I want to recommend as a possible solution for you. They have inexpensive packages that would work well for hosting a backup blog, and they have WordPress ready to install, which is reallly easy to learn to use, easier than Blogger, I think. I have used this host since 1998 which, in the internet world, is a long time to stay with one host. I have done so because they have been so good to me. When I started out I had 15mb of space and one POP3. Over the years they increased my space to 2GB, unlimited POPs and aliases, and they have more applications ready to install than I know what to do with. Their support is excellent, but I have rarely needed it. All this was without even one price increase in eight years.

    Disclaimer: Just today I learned that Westhost has an affiliate program so I signed up and placed an ad on my blog. I don't care if you use it or not. This is not an attempt to get a referral, just a sincere attempt to pass along some useful information in return for the immense amount I have learned from you. It's up to you whether you go through my link or directly to Westhost. The link in this email is not linked to my affiliate account.

    Last month I moved to rural Minnesota, 15 miles west of the last stoplight, to a farm a mile beyond the nearest town of 172 people. There are no jobs here. Even in the nearest town of any size I would only end up ringing up Snickers bars in the drugstore. Bleh. I have told my family, I am an artist and a writer and that is how I am going to earn my living. Thanks to your written advice and information I am closer to doing so than I had thought possible. By this time next year we will both have six-figure incomes!

    Barb Tarcza
    Blogger said…

    Glad to have come across your Blog.

    I've been searching for someone to guide me through on this - How to change the Page Title (Browser) to the title of the respective post we are reading.

    By default Blogger first adds the name of the Blog and then the title of the post follows in the BROWSER TITLE section. How can I change this sequence; similar to the way you have done it?

    Please help me out with this query of mine.

    Thanks in advance.
    Hey Blogger! It worked! I looked around on how to do this a few days ago then kinda forgot about it.

    Okay, I don't think I used this way:
    Changing the Blogger Title Tag ~ Widget-based because I don't see those comments in my code.

    I'm still searching for what I did.

    Bear with me, I'll let you know for sure.

    Thanks for noticing!
    Hi Allan the Blogger -

    I just searched and searched and searched and still can't believe I haven't found the blog that showed me how to reverse the blog title order with the post title order.

    But please leave a comment for Vin over at Dummies Guide to Google Beta Blogger.

    I'm sure he has probably already written a post on how to do this, and he'll probably lead you right to it.

    Vin is very responsive and helpful and always emails me back right away.

    Let me know what his response is, then I can help all the other readers looking to do this.

    Sorry I haven't found it yet. I've searched my own code and Googled and Googled -- but I'm sure the answer will come to you soon.

    Let me know and thanks for your tenacity,

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