Justin Chambers Has a Black Wife Named Keisha

by Paula Neal Mooney

Again I was catching up with my TiVo'd shows whilst putting teeny-tiny microbraids in my hair and was caught by surprise when The View interviewed Grey's Anatomy hottie Justin Chambers, and they flashed a picture of his wife, Keisha, on the screen.

Is she black? I asked myself, cause no one else was asking.

Sure I knew all about Justin Chambers and his five kids, but I naturally assumed his wife would be a beautiful blonde named Becky or something, not a beautiful black woman named Keisha Chambers.

Justin Chambers has a black wife. Wow. There, I said it. Or wrote it, actually. I wrote the thing that many folks are skirting around on the message boards and avoiding writing. They seem to be avoiding a mention of the interracial factor like the black plague. (Yes, I'm trying to work the words "Justin Chambers" and "black wife" into this post as many times as editorially possible.)

"She's not what I expected," is the most common and safe comment people seem to be typing around the blogosphere about Keisha Chambers. A lot better than some of the comments I found about Justin Chambers' fellow co-star Ellen Pompeo and her black fiance, Chris Ivery.

Justin told the ladies of The View that he was turned on by how Keisha dialed the phone with her pencil when they first met, by her self-assuredness and sensuality. Good for him. They do in fact make a beautiful couple.

But I found it strange that the gabbermouths went silent over the black elephant in the room. Well, maybe not. Even a mention of the fact that Keisha is black would cause some people to cry racism when in fact folks could just be making a simple observation.

Let's face it -- we are all more accustomed to seeing black men marry white women, especially a lot of black men in the public eye, and not as used to seeing white men marry black women. But God bless that Grey's Anatomy cast. They're a real United Nations over there.

Justin and Keisha met when Justin was a Calvin Klein model and she worked at a modeling agency. But aside from that, I haven't found out much more about the woman who has borne him five kids and looks just as fabulous as if she never had any. That fact alone intrigues me to no end...
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Bonnie Calhoun said…
Yanno...LOL...women who can have five kids and look that good really gaul me...no matter what color they are! ROFLOL!
Tisha! said…
Paula my darling, so lovely hearing your voice, thanks for calling in and showing your support!!! btw you have such a sweet voice, I can't thank you enough hun!
SS said…
Loved this post, Paula--loved it! Nice to discover your blog, too.
Ed Reif said…

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Heather said…
Yeah, you I saw them interview Henry Simmons, a couple of years ago. They went to town on the fact that he has a white wife how others react to it.

But because Justin is white they simply didn't know how (or were afraid) to approach it. You could read it all over their faces that they wanted to, though.

Double standards are something else.
Anonymous said…
ummmm...she's really not that attractive. I think black women are beautiful too... but she's ummmm...whatever i guess... love is love...
I'm happy for them; love is love...
Princessluv87 said…
Go Justin! ;) I super love him now. He likes my kind. In fact love my kind. He made my kind his bride.. Go Keisha! Hes super hot!!!!!!!!! You all have a beautiful family. Best of luck... ;))) p.s. Thanks Justin for not being a racist..lol Love you guys together!

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