Chris Ivery...Ellen Pompeo's Real-life McDreamy

Okay, so I did trip out the first time I saw the Grey's Anatomy cast on Oprah, and Ellen Pompeo introduced the world to her boyfriend, music producer Chris Ivery.

A brotha, I thought to myself, along with everybody else. Isaiah Washington verbalized his surprise, too, when he said that Ellen told him how happy she was that Isaiah got the role on Grey's.

"Oooooohhhhhh...." Isaiah relented with understanding upon meeting Chris. A brotha lova, to put it nicely.

Well, now that Mr. Ivery has popped the big question to ol' Mer, all eyes will be digging into his past. Like mine, today, and I was surprised to find out his reported criminal history.

But I was more surprised at the inane comments left at the end of different Hollywood Gossip articles.

I say, leave the happy couple alone! And instead of leaving comments about Christopher Ivery's shady-but-forgiveable past, why don't you list some of the shady things you've done instead?

Okay...I guess I must start. I've shoplifted in my wayward youth. Thank God I didn't get caught and thank the Lord for repentance and restoration and a lot more honest life. Your turn...

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