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"The existence of [Laura] Mallory Lane..." read the subject line of an email I received this morning, confirming to me that Laura Mallory Lane, or Mal Lane, as she goes by, is in fact a real girl. "I'm a real giiiiirrrrlll!!" I can almost hear Mal Lane saying now, like Pinocchio at the end of Shrek 2.

Anyhoo, this tipster (thanks, dude) let me to a video of Mal Lane "featured in a documentary called Upstaged," he wrote. Ironic title, 'cause newcomer (I refuse to call her an ingenue, which some define as an "artless woman" and I hear Mal is a great actress) Mal Lane and her infamous blog posting melee is certainly about to upstage Aniston and Vaughn.

"There is a brief clip of [Mal Lane] in their 'preview'," my Secret Squirrel (God I'm getting old if I can remember a cartoon name that's not even on DVD) continued, "but it's my understanding she's a big part of the movie, as she had the lead role in the musical the movie is about. It also looks like she is pictured in the 'G' in their logo. Perhaps the filmmakers have some insight into this whole Vince thing?" he asked.

Well, I tried to watch the Mal Lane video and even downloaded QuickTime, but I got errors, till I finally found this YouTube video purportedly featuring Mal Lane. Yes, looks like Mal Lane is stil in high school the time that this video was shot. I hear a guy call her Mal before slinging his leg over her lap in one scene during the middle. If it is in fact Mal Lane's old stomping grounds, it looks like a great high school, High School Musical come to life:

Bookmark and check back for Laura "Mal" Mallory Lane updates.

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Mainline Mom said…
Yep, I can confirm that Parkland High School is, in fact, Mal Lane's alma matre. It is a great high school near Allentown, PA
Thanks, Mainline Mom. Parkland High School looks like a fun place.
Anonymous said…
There is another video that is mostly her on the front upstaged page too. Any more news?
Thanks, anonymous...I'll have to check out that video too and maybe upload here. Someone said I should check out Mal Lane's Facebook page, but since I don't have an EDU email address and don't feel like setting up a fake one by scamming my friends' email address, I'll let all you other journalists have that one.

I did just retrieve this email in my Associated Content inbox:

--------ORIGINAL MESSAGE--------
From: J O
Sent: Dec 07 2006 03:12PM
Subject: Message from J O

The Laura Mallory Lane ISSS real. i mean i dont know if all the stuff is real, but she really was over there. She is from Allentown PA.. she attended Parkland highschool she graduated in 04. SHe goes to trinkity as u know. i just thought i'd let you know, shes not phoney the girls does exist.

my bio is made up, i didnt want you using my name or anything. thanks.

So I replied:
Thanks, thanks! Tell me more, tell me more! I can't use your name since I don't know it. Peace, Paula
Here’s the latest:

* Looks like Mal Lane (or someone) deleted her blog that was there yesterday. Thank the good Lord I saved down her pic beforehand

* I used one of my media email accounts to register for Facebook, just waiting on the confirmation email…

* I’m starting to get more confirmations about Mal Lane's sheer existence from her schoolmates, so keep checking the comments section of both this blog post and the one at my Associated Content piece about Laura Mallory Lane for the latest tips.
Honey Welling said…
i went to that high school... i knew mostly everyone in that video, including the woman of the hour...

i'm curious to hear people's thoughts on this whole thing?
Anonymous said…
I went to Parkland and I had a few classes and did a few shows that she was in. I didn't know her that well, and I don't think she split up Vince and Jen (even though SHE thought she was hot stuff, she's not THAT hot).
Anyway, I don't even think her story about messing around with Vince Vaughn was fully true in the first place. I DO think that she probably put it out there to draw some attention to herself, but now its blowing up in her face. From what I remember, Mal never hid the fact that she liked the spotlight.
What I don't get is this: why would anyone brag about sleeping with Vince Vaughn in the first place? It's not like he's the hottest celebrity out there.
I don't really know what she was thinking....
Hey, I always though Vince Vaughn was hot...especially in that movie Swingers. He was amazing in that movie. So money...

Anyway, Mal Lane said that she did not have sex with him, only reportedly that she stayed up all night smoking ciggies with him and talking.

I hope this all turns out well for her, though. People say she's a great actress.

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