Laura Mallory Lane...Is She Really Behind the Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn Split?

Updated post about Laura Mallory Lane can be found here.

Here is video of Mal Lane!

Laura Mallory Lane. Mallory Lane. Laura Lane. Whatever you call the woman with multiple names, Laura Mallory Lane is being cited by some as the reason behind the Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn split, confirmed today by People magazine.

Web sources say that Laura Mallory Lane, who reportedly goes by mainly Mallory Lane, was the reason behind the Aniston and Vaughn’s confirmed break up. But since I could only find one source listing Laura Mallory Lane’s photo thus far – which looks like a yearbook photo of Laura Lane, supposedly a junior year student at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas – I decided to do a little digging myself to see if Laura Mallory Lane is a real person.

I also wanted to confirm the hoaxy looking email reportedly sent by Laura Lane to 22 of her Gamma sorority sisters titled “I shacked with Vince Vaughn.” So I called Trinity University a few minutes ago asking about the mysterious Laura Mallory Lane.

“Trinity University,” a man answered.

“Yes, I’m looking for information about a student named Laura Mallory Lane,” I said.

“Let me connect you to the registrar’s office…”

My heart pounded as I was put on hold and transferred to another friendly man. “Yes, I’m looking for information about a student named Laura Mallory Lane,” I repeated.

He gave me a fax number to fax a written request about Laura Mallory Lane to, only with the student’s permission. Good school, I thought. That’s the way they should do it.

Doing more online digging, I did find that Laura Mallory Lane is listed as receiving a “Trinity Stage Productions Tops with Local Globe Award” for her lead actress role in a comedy -- The Triumph of Love – which lists her as Mallory Lane, so maybe Laura Mallory Lane is a real person.

Before I hung up with the nice man at Trinity University, I figured I’d better prepare him for the deluge of reporters headed their way today with loads of Laura Mallory Lane queries.

“I just want to warn you,” I said, “you’ll probably get a lot of calls today.”

“We’re prepared,” he answered, confident and warm. I’m glad. And, if Laura Mallory Lane is in fact a real person, I hope she truly had nothing to do with the Aniston and Vaughn split. And like some profiles have suggested, I hope Laura Mallory Lane can escape on another Roman holiday, this time far away from the press, and farther away from her email account.

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Santa Baby said…
just wanted to say yes. shes a real girl. she belongs to the gamma sorority at trinity university. maybe you should facebook her. I do go to Trinity as well. Trust me. She exists. And now shes embarrassed half the school and made the other half proud.

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