Striding Nude, Blue Dress...The Painting of Tony Blair's Wife

by Paula Neal Mooney

Ah...another national leader and an infamous blue dress...

Striding Nude, Blue Dress -- an unfinished painting of Tony Blair's wife, Cherie Blair -- is not that bad when you look at it.
In fact, I find Striding Nude, Blue Dress (now that I've cleared up in my mind that it's striding, not stradling nude) kind of pretty and innocent a quarter of a century after Striding Nude, Blue Dress was begun.

Striding Nude, Blue Dress has that quaint, Girl With a Pearl Earring kind of allure to it in these days when even hints of nude pics fly about the internet like swarms of locusts.
I miss the paintings by the masters.

So now that the Striding Nude, Blue Dress painting has found its way out of Tony Blair's wife's storeroom after being locked away for 25 years, it's setting the net on fire.

Tony Blair's wife, Cherie Booth, as she was known back in 1978, two years before Cherie married the man who would become Prime Minister Tony Blair, posed for the late artist Euan Uglow.

I guess Cherie Blair liked her lifesize image, but Tony Blair was supposedly a bit unsure about it. Some say Tony Blair was prudish about his wife's painting, some say Tony Blair just didn't like the fact that the painting of his wife was unfinished.

Whatever the real reason Striding Nude, Blue Dress has come out of hiding from a London gallery and is on display for the world to appreciate.

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