A Judgemental Jerk for Jesus...

...that's what I heard a stripper-turned-saved blonde call herself recently. And a judgemental jerk for Jesus is what I became about five years after turning my life over to Christ in 1999. I looked down my holier-than-thou nose at everyone who didn't go to church back then, like her.

Thank God for bringing me back in balance and showing me my own faults and how to let people come to His Son thru love. Which poses my current dilemma. A woman who I tried to "win by love" said she didn't want to hear about God during every conversation. I didn't understand why the name God would offend a supposed Christian...I spoke about a lot of different topics.

Anyhoo, I sent her a bunch of Joyce Meyer tapes a while ago. She sent them back. I left her alone and prayed on it. Lately, she's been talking to me about listening to Donnie McClurkin... Again, well, for the first time actually.

She even talked about wanting to get Inspired By The Bible Experience: New Testament, and asked me if it was a movie. It's not, but this preview of the amazing audiobook that features everyone from Denzel Washington to Blair Underwood to Common (interesting because Common professes Allah...I hope God gave him the "Choose ye this day whom you will serve" passage) reading the New Testatment looks awe inspiring and life changing.

"You could listen to it in your car," I told her. This time, if I do send her Inspired By The Bible Experience: New Testament, I hope it doesn't come back to me...

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Daddy's Girl said…
'A judgemental jerk for Jesus' - interesting and it's so true how many times we can lose our focus and our balance... thanks for this post. This is my first visit to your blog and I really like it.
Thanks, Daddy's Girl, your blogs look interesting, too. And might I say you're doing great for a 250-year-old!

I've gotta check out some Bollywood movies...
KWiz said…
I'm sorry, Paula, but I have to say this...this is the first day I've been to your site, and you are absolutely NUTS!!! I can't get off your site! This is ridiculous! You've got way too many things to read and absorb and apply and...well... I'll be back daily. Thank you...
Melissa said…
I love your site Paula! I got hooked on it a few days ago, searching profiles on Grey's Anatomy. I was so happy to find out you are a believer!

Anyhoo, you talk a lot about being judgemental in the past. How did you grow out of this phase? I know I'm a sinner too, and I'm not supposed to judge; but Sometimes I feel like I give the "scolding eye" towards people. I would like to be able to talk to my non-christian friends without feeling "appalled" at certain things that are sinful.

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Hey Kwiz! I'm glad you called me a good nuts, not the right-wing nutjob term that lots of liberals have adopted.

Hey Melissa - So glad you found me. Please enable that profile of yours so I can check out your blog!

Just think of the worst thing you've ever done in life, then think about it being broadcast for the world to see.

Imagine how folks would judge you!

I guess that thought gives me more of a compassion for people.

I love the compassion shown by Julie Lyons aka Bible Girl in her writings.

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