Halle Berry's New CD Titled Halle

Halle Berry's New CD Titled Halle: Is is real? by Paula Neal Mooney

Nearly all morning long I've been trying to verify that Halle Berry is coming out with a new music CD titled Halle, and that it's not an internet rumor. (I'm learning my lesson from trusting official news reports like the one that recently swore the Duke rape accuser birthed a baby girl, when in actuality she is still reportedly pregnant.)

Anyhoo, thus far I've found sufficient evidence thru Rolling Stone and the Washington Post (and reportedly Ebony magazine's December 2006 issue, which I'm on my way over to Barnes and Noble to thumb thru now and confirm) that Halle Berry is indeed releasing her new Halle CD in February 2007.

True or not, already the haters have come out with venom about Halle Berry's attempt at making beautiful music. But I say give the woman a chance! I'm trying to do just that by searching down the "Miss Sexy" and "How You Been" CD tracks and video clips that were reportedly leaked on psp sites like LimeWire and "No Problem" (reportedly tagged "No Problem") on Bearshare, but I've yet to turn up anything that'll let me judge for myself.

Here's the track listing of Halle Berry's new CD Halle, according to Wikipedia:
Track listing
1. "Miss Sexy" (Scott Storch) - 3:52
2. "No Problem" (Timbaland, S.G. Jarard) - 3:19
3. "Sunshine" (GiGi Franklin, Harold Franklin, Halle Berry) - 4:32
4. "How You Been?" (ft.Jamie Foxx) (G. Thompson, Halle Berry), - 3:01
5. "Like That" (Scott Storch) - 4:43
6. "Around" (Cee-Lo, Halle Berry) - 3:22
7. "Lazy" (ft. Lupe Fiasco) (J. Crew Productions, Kundei Supormorgei> - 3:00
8. "Your Love Is Always Good" (Timbaland) - 3:58
9. "Not Today (I'm Not In The Mood)" (Jason Jackson, Jackie Jackson, GiGi Franklin)
10. "Write Me" (Scott Storch) - 2:57
11. "Love & Emotions" (R. Thicke, Halle Berry) - 3:39
12. "Singing To You (G. Thompson, Halle Berry) - 5:07
13. "Go Left (Bonus Track)" (ft. Bun B) (Bun B, Timbaland) - 3:50

1. How You Been?
2. No Problem

Unreleased Tracks / Songs Not Included in the Album
1. Rewind (UK B-Side to "How You Been?")
2. Get Down Tonight (ft. Jermaine Dupri) [Japan Only]

“Everything Is Fine”(Halle Berry, Belt Buckle, UK) - 5:00
“We Needed To Talk” (featuring Bob Cryer) (Halle Berry, Belt Buckle, UK) - 4:21

So, if anyone out there has the YouTube links or shareware sites to any of Halle Berry's new Halle CD tracks, let me know.

Either way, bookmark http://www.paulamooney.blogspot.com/ or email sign up for updates to my search for Halle Berry's new music CD tracks and videos. Should be interesting. If it's really true...

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Bonnie Calhoun said…
Hmmmm...I guess I didn't realize that she could sing...I'll have to check this out!

Halle Berry CD Rumors May Be a Hoax

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