Duke Rape Accuser Gives Birth to a Baby Girl...

Duke Rape Accuser Gives Birth to a Baby Girl... and Adds a Whole New Twist to a Case that has Rocked the Nation by Paula Neal Mooney

Here's the thing about the Duke rape case accuser reportedly giving birth to a baby girl tonight: It only serves to add more suspicion to a rape case that looks like it's falling apart.

According to the "Duke 3" defense attorneys, DNA found on the woman hired as a stripper that night belonged to several males -- none of them the Duke lacrosse team trio on trial.

And now the Duke rape accuser has given birth to a new baby girl exactly nine months to the day that she told police she was raped.

As a black woman, I feel this pressure across the nation to side with her, but just like I refused to believe that O.J. Simpson was innocent of murder, I refuse to believe that these Duke boys are guilty of rape. Guilty of hiring a stripper, yes, something they probably might not do again.

The whole thing smacks of ugly, icky racial and socioeconomic stuff that makes me feel some unseen pressure to side with all those blacks that were marching in the street after this Duke rape case broke.

I won't do it. Not unless the defense attorneys are way off and they come up with something that shows these Duke lacrosse team members had anything concrete to do with raping this woman, I won't do it.
I refused to believe O.J. was innocent like some black people (not by far, all) who cheered during the verdict. I refuse to punch the straight Democratic ticket because that's what's expected of my skin color. And I refuse to put my efforts behind some convoluted plan to stick it to the white man.

I'm judging the facts as they are presented. I have the utmost compassion and heartfelt empathy for women who truly suffer horrific rapes, that's why any hint of a false rape accusation gets my ire going.

This does not, however, give license to people to just go off and leave kooky comments about how "women ask for it" or "use sympathy to get what they want" and junk like that. Rape is wrong. Rape is horrible. But so is bearing false witness, and if that's what we're looking at, I pray the Duke rape accuser who just had a baby girl truly turns her life around in Christ's Arms. And I pray the accused Duke trio is fully exonerated.

Read article about Duke rape accuser having a baby here, and bookmark http://www.paulamooney.blogspot.com/ for more of my ire.

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Anonymous said…
I guess the real question is if Nifong is going to force the entire DUke or NCCU football team into giving DNA samples to find out who's the father.

I'd hate to be the luck bastard who's tenacious sperm made it through all that soup

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