Duke Lacrosse Team Melee...Was It Really Rape?

Stripper Reveals New Information About the Night of Alleged Rape by Duke University Lacrosse Team Members.

During my freshman year of college I became friends with a girl I’ll call Lolita, a thin and wiry girl with a shock of puffy hair that stood about her head like a dome of dark cotton candy.

One day Lolita came to the campus pool where I frolicked with other friends, but stood outside the chain-link fence. Walking closer, I saw tears and redness in her eyes. I noticed that one of the shoulder straps of her white cotton jumper was undone.

As Lolita and I sat on silver bleachers, she told me she had just come from the dorm room of her football-star boyfriend, a guy I’ll call Gary. Trailing off into ever-increasing sobs, Lolita left space for me to ask the most pivotal question I’ve perhaps ever asked anyone: "Did he rape you?"

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silver said…
for a different view of the duke lacrosse case, see,
Anonymous said…
The stripper/hooker obviously lied about being raped to get out of being arrested again. Women know how to use victimhood as an easy means to gain instant power, money, and pity. Nifong is a joke and deserves to be in prison face down biting a pillow with spit as his only friend.

I hope justice is found and the people involved with this rape lie gets what's coming to them.
Whoa, whoa, there, anonymous!
While I do believe the Duke rape case is obviously falling apart and appears to be based on lies, NOT ALL WOMEN "use victimhood as an easy means to gain instant power, money, and pity."

It is very unfortunate that fake rape charges take the attention and/or credibility away from women (or men) who have honestly been sexually assaulted. These true victims need to be vindicated by the law, and their real abusers punished by the law.

Keep the two issues separate, please. Heaven forbid if a female you love is ever actually the victim of that horrific crime called rape. You would probably change your tune about that women- using-victimhood theory and grow a lot more compassionate for the real victims out there. Hopefully.
Anonymous said…
whoa there yourself paula. All women know that victim hood is a sure way for them to get what they want...

from the "please-help-me" sales pitch of a girlscout cookie pusher to the misandry organization of NOW, women learn at a very young age that being a victim gives them more power than being a big strong man who's more than willing to help them.
What do you mean "a big strong man that's willing to help them"? Obviously, I'm casting doubt upon the woman who cried rape in this instance alone.
Anonymous said…
Yeah I noticed that too. women know how to use that helples act to get what they want or to get out of responsibility of things they did. I heard about 50% of reported rapes are false, and that percentage goes up during child custody hearings.

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