Beyonce Refuses to Rush Jay-Z into Marriage and Fatherhood...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Beyonce was interviewed in the January 2007 issue of InStyle magazine -- thanks for the heads-up! Love you guys even though you never responded to my interview requests :-( -- and had some interesting read-between-the-lines quotes about marriage, motherhood and Jay-Z.

But more about that later.

The thing that stuck with me was Beyonce's response to the weirdest thing in her fridge: "These little Soy Dream ice-cream sandwiches," Beyonce quipped, saying that the Soy Dream ice-cream sandwiches were "so good, I eat one every night." little blogging mind thought...the way folks are lining up ordering the Master Cleanser diet fast that helped Beyonce shed 20 pounds for Dreamgirls (which I STILL want to undertake as soon as the new year comes), I'm sure they'll be chomping at the bit (literally) to find these Soy Dream ice-cream sandwiches.

No easy feat, turns out.

Googling "Soy Dream Ice Cream Sandwiches" didn't get me far, till I came across this Taste the Dream site that shows the Soy Dream Ice Cream sandwiches and other products.

Looks like they don't sell the Soy Dream Ice Sandwiches and other products directly from the site, but they do have a store locator that lets folks type in their zip code and try and find any Soy Dream products at local health food stores.

No luck for the old 44313.

But I bet my local Mustard Seed Mart has the Soy Dream stuff. I'm really going to make a change in the way I eat in 2007 -- with a whole lotta Holy Spirit help.

I'm embarrassed to write that I chowed down not only on a whole little bag of KitKats last night as we watched the new excellent Charlotte's Web movie - go take your family! -- but I came home and ate even more of Cold Stone Creamery's version of German Chocolate Cake ice cream.
I need a junk food break.

I will eat healthier.

At least these Soy Dream Ice Cream sandwiches look like they are good for folks who can't take dairy. Let me know Soy Dream Ice Cream eaters!

So, about Beyonce and marriage and motherhood.

When the InStyle reporter showed Beyonce a wedding photo to get to the bottom of wedding rumors between Beyonce and Jay-Z, Beyonce said: “It looks like a nice wedding – and very expensive. Unfortunately, it’s not true.”

No wonder Ring the Alarm from the best-selling B'day is so raw and real.

No wonder the Irreplaceable song is just about every teeny-bopper's (and then some's) ringtone.

I love that song too.

It shows a bold, strong-facade producing hurt.

"You must not know 'bout me, you must not know 'bout me...I can have another you in a minute..."

Maybe that's what Beyonce needs to do, seeing as though her last quote provided the most insight and wisdom and perhaps sadness about who might have the coldest marital feet in the relationship:

“You can’t rush a man into anything -- whether it’s a relationship, marriage or having children. When he’s ready he’ll let you know,” Beyonce said.

Bookmark and check out my news report about Beyonce here...

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Email I received:

Hi Paula!

I really enjoyed reading your article about Beyonce refusing to rush Jay-Z into marriage and fatherhood, particularly the whole part about the Soy Dream ice cream sandwiches she likes so much. You asked Soy Dream ice cream sandwich eaters to let you know what you think, so I wanted to add my voice to the mountain of responses I'm sure you are receiving.

As a longtime eater of dairy-free products (I am both lactose-intolerant and vegan), and author of several books on eating more healthfully (So, Now What Do I Eat? and The Complete Guide to Vegetarian Convenience Foods), I have tasted just about every dairy-free ice cream sandwich out there, and I can tell you without a doubt, that one particular brand stands far above the rest. (And I wish Beyonce knew this, because I know she would LOVE them!) The taste of Turtle Mountain's So Delicious Li'L Buddies Sandwiches beat Soy Cream and Tofutti brand sandwiches hands down. And if you're concerned about health, unlike Soy Dream, the So Delicious ice cream sandwiches do not contain any trans-fats (partially hydrogenated oils). They're also lower in fat and come in not just vanilla and chocolate, but also mint and peanut butter flavors! While these sandwiches are bigger than the Soy Dream and Tofutti sandwiches, I just learned that Turtle Mountain is coming out with a smaller sandwich which will be the same serving size as Soy Dream, but will have half the fat! (Really good news for people like me, who have to watch their fat intake, or else it shows up on their waistlines pretty fast!)

Anyway, that's my two cents on the whole soy ice cream sandwich thing. I hope you will check out the So Delicious ones, because they really are THAT good, and I know you will love them. You can download coupons from their website at:

Please let me know if there is anything else I can tell you about these sandwiches or any other healthy, delicious, dairy-free foods.

Sincerely yours,

Gail Davis
Anonymous said…
looks like he was ready cause as of 05/04/08 they are happily married. gob bless yall!

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