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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

An MP3 Player for Kids: Fisher Price's FP3 Player

I gotta say that this MP3 player for kids from Fisher Price -- called the FP3 player -- how cute! -- is a great idea. Though my money's on their Kid-Tough Digital Camera (my 5-year-old is showing an affinity for snapping pics), I can see why Fisher Price's little FP3, MP3 player for kids is selling out too, with as of this writing (at 1:02 a.m., no less!) eight of the FP3 players going on Amazon for around 83 bucks each.

Just imagine how many old ladies desperate parents will be knocking over closer to Christmas to get their hands on an FP3 or two. Ah...tis the season. Forgive me. It's late.

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Anonymous said...

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tAnYeTTa said...

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Paula Neal Mooney