Greg Page to Leave The Wiggles

by Paula Neal Mooney

GREG PAGE from The Wiggles is sick, and it's odd that I'm tearing up as I read all the reports of Greg Page -- the yellow-shirted guy from The Wiggles -- asking in and between the lines:

What are The Wiggles going to say about Greg Page tomorrow at their press conference?

What is the mystery illness that has been causing Greg Page to faint?

Are The Wiggles going to replace Greg Page, one of The Wiggles' founders, with the understudy, Sam Moran, that's been filling in for Greg Page since he dropped out in July?

My sis never cared much for The Wiggles because she says they hardly ever have black folks on their show. From my observations of The Wiggles' shows, I believe she's right.

But The Wiggles, after all, are from Australia, and I keep getting reports that Australians aren't too keen on black folks down under. Come and spend your tourist money for sure, scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, but if you want to pack up and move there it's off to the bush for you, they say.

I hope that's not really true. Any blacks folks living in Australia reading this? Please hit me up and let me know for sure. I must see the land of under before I die.

With Greg Page being so young at 34, I'm praying that it's no where near his time to go. May Jesus heal him and comfort his family and lead them to a resolution in this trying time.

Anyway, just in case you've been living under the brush and never heard of The Wiggles, or just want to stock up on some Wiggles stuff and sing a long with great songs like Fruit Salad (yummy yummy) or Hot Potato (Hot Potato) here are a few of their DVDs:

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Hsien Lei said…
Hi Paula, Just wanted to let you know I've included you in one of our round-ups for unofficial Greg Page Wiggle Tribute Day. :)
Thanks, Hsien...your site looks cool. I hope I get positive and honest feedback. I really must see Australia. It's a dream of mine.
Sandra said…
Hey Paula, Don't believe everything you hear about Aussies being racist. The media usually only shows that side of Australia because it gets attention. There are many more enlightened people here too.

Sure there are ignorant racists here, but unfortunately, every country has them.

Not all of us are like that!

Hope you get to see Australia one day!

Cheers, Sandra
Good day, little Sheila -- I mean, Sandra -- good on ya mate, and all the other Aussie sayings I can think of.

Thanks for the good news. I hope to be there some day. Who knows, maybe Wife Swap: Down Under?
Anonymous said…
aw come on...australia just doen't have as much of a black population as the USA because they never had slavery as the USA did and most american backs are decended from the slaves. most countries do not have the american level of diversity, that doesn't make them racist.. Australia actually was first piopulated (or maybe secondly popylated) by Englands most dangerous criminals. it was used as an island exile.
Thanks for the feedback. That makes sense about Aussies not being around blacks...but what about those beautiful Aborignals I've seen pics of?

It's weird, some of them have very dark skin and blue, blue eyes. Gorgeous...
Anonymous said…
You know it really annoys me when peole thinks shows are racist because "BLACK" people are not on them.... You don't see White peole throwing a fit because a show is all black now do you? From what I have see of the down under... there are not a whole lot of Blacks in the area... Much like Ireland... I once asked my friend there if alot of black or latinos lived in Ireland... he told me " lets put it this way Kara, If you walk downa street and see one you would say oh look a black person" is that racist? No is is a simple fact they don't live in Ireland much. but you are right I have never really seen of of color on that show.... and trust me with a three year old I see ALOT of the wiggle I feel it is simply not enough blacks living there... I did see a few at the live in the USA concerts.

I hope that makes you feel better... I am sure the wiggles would never exclude a child for race.... they love all children. HUG

and Greg my dear get better soon. I ahve tried to tell Jeren one day he might see a different greg.. and that you are sick I am sure many kids will be okay with it Get better Soon
eeorkee said…
Gidday Paula,
Being a fair dinkum bloke from down under I'd just like to let your readers know that Australia has had its fair share of slavery in its time. In the case of the US it was cotton that was the mainstay behind slavery. In Australia, sugar cane came over with the First Fleet, and the early Queensland industry's chosen method of bastardry was black birding, a practice where young males were taken from their Pacific Island homes either by force or trickery and transported by ship to Australia where they laboured in hot fields of sugar cane for the rest of their lives.
Even today the Asian Sex Trade is our latest form of slavery......... I'll be off now sweetheart and I hope you can join me one day for a few schooners down the local RSL club with a few prawns and I 'll fill ya in on all the best places to visit in Gods Country.Cheers(tink)

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