3 Lbs Cast Pic...I'm still a real journalist!

The other night I blogged about 3 Lbs, a new CBS medical drama starring Stanley Tucci that premieres today on CBS.com and Tuesday, November 14, for those still watching TV shows on TV.

I was kind of under the gun to get that related piece published, but whilst writing it I emailed Nancy Eichenbaum, the lovely lady listed as my photo contact on the official CBS documentation I received.

So nice Nancy emailed me this pic of the 3 Lbs. crew lickedty split, but just after I posted my other blog post.

Anyway, here it is, a living color 3 Lbs cast photo. They look good, especially that Tucci, I must say again.

And since I don't have Photoshop yet (I'm reliant upon the lovely ACDSee photo editor, which provides tons of blessed free trials to me) I can't find the "File info" credit Nancy pointed me to. I guess "Photo Courtesy of CBS" must do for now.

From left to right we have:
Armando Riesco, the pretty British-sounding Indira Varma, Stan the Man himself, boyish-eyed and difficult-named Mark Feuerstein, and spiral-haired and take-no-prisoners tough acting Zabryna Guevara.

Here's Gloria Garayua, the fabulous actress who truly stole a scene where she played a blind patient of Tucci's who rubbed his face.

And never least (though I don't see her name listed as a series regular, nor as a member of the recurring or guest cast in the stuff CBS sent) is the completely gorgeous biracial Canadian Tamara Taylor, whom I'm hoping and praying we get to see lots more of. I think I remember seeing her playing the role of Mike Tyson's wife in some movie, but I may just be mixing her up with a green-eyed biracial actress that really favors Tamara. Anyone know for sure?

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