How Do I Love Blogger Beta?

Let me count the ways:

1- I love thee for the depth and breadth of Google feed crawls that are sure to drive up my blog numbers, along with the new comments Blogger Beta has caused me to receive in the middle of the night

2 - I love thee for the Beautiful Beta blogs that have appeared in your wake

3 - I love thee for the new post labels, which have aided my SEO with Google, especially on the popular Abbie Cornish Pics piece and I love Digital Inspiration for this tip on how to label old blogger postings

4 - I love to the heights that my soul can reach whilst never having to wait and watch that 23% published, 44% published, 77% published winding thing again in my life

5 - I love thee for keeping the Edit HTML tab alive

6 - I love thee for the drop-and-drag feature that allows me to easily design my blog page, along with the pretty color chart I can now reference instead of constantly Googling for the HTML color codes:

7 - I love thee for the ease of updating my blogroll

8 - I love thee for the fast way I can post, post, post! Publish and ping, publish and ping.

9 - I love thee because the image upload by browsing for a pic file works for me now!

10 - I love thee, I love thee, I lovest thou thee!

Thanks for reading! Bookmark or blogroll me at and drop back in to see what I'm up to next. Blessings and love, Paula


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