Abbie Cornish Pics Surge in Popularity as Aussie Actress Denies Coming Between Reese and Ryan

I think I've seen her before. Abbie Cornish is one of those actresses that you know you know somehow, but just don't know how you know know?

So Abbie's people claim that she's not the reason behind the Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe split.

Of course they do. Who would want to be as vilified as violet-eyed, black- haired sex kitten Liz Taylor was when she "came between" America's sweetheart Debbie Fisher and hapless, helpless, black-haired Eddie?

And today the world is searching for info about Abbie Cornish. They want to know...

Who is Abbie Cornish? Aussie actress
How old is Abbie Cornish? 24 years young...yup, hun uhn
Abbie Cornish pics? Yeah, I found a few nude ones, but you won't see them here

I just feel so sad for Reese and the kiddies. It seems like she's done so much to try and hold the marriage together. I have a friend (seriously...she is a friend...I'm not talking about me here...I hope...) who is going thru this and let me tell you, from the wife's side, sitting home alone and feeling untouched and unloved whilst your man is under the spell of some vixen doesn't feel too good at all.

But I pray that Reese will be okay. And I pray that Ryan and Abbie will get thru this okay, too. I believe The Beatles sang it best, "Love is all we need..."

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Anonymous said…
What a great thing to be popular for...breaking up someone's marriage. What a ho!
Anonymous said…
There's been no good evidence to support these rumours - only a bunch of random and mostly anonymous sources speaking to tabloids. Yup. Veeeeeeeeery credible. You'd think if their "affair" was so blatant, there would be photos...
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