180 pounds and counting backwards...


They say you can't change what you don't acknowledge, and I just tried to deny that the scale says 180.4 pounds when I just weighed myself.

Yes, I am 5-feet 10 1/2-inches tall, and that volleyball player Gabrielle Reece looked pretty slim at 6 feet tall and 177 pounds of solid muscle, but I must admit I am more comfortable around 148 pounds.

So now that all the Thanksgiving turkey and good stuff has been eaten, and now that it is a new month of December 2013, I've been doing the Robek's smoothie thing and salads and keeping it around 1600 cal per day, which has helped me slim down in the past using that MyFitnessPal app that I love.

Knowing me, I will probably write a book about my weight loss journey, or at least articles or something so I wanted to get photos that track this weight-loss at the beginning, in the middle, and towards the end.

Come along with me…


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