Google Inc. EDI PYMNTS CCD US00000LA1 in your checking account? It's GOOGLE ADSENSE REVENUE...

This morning when I began my workday and checked my checking accounts, I noticed an interesting new "Google Inc. EDI PYMNTS CCD US00000LA1" in my business account for more than $200 and wondered what it was.

After all, I thought for a second it might be a nice little unexpected bonus or something from the Big G -- because that was an unfamiliar term to me.

It's not like the deposits I get from Amazon, whereby I have to figure out if they are the blessed monies from my product sales on Amazon that blessedly pay off my American Express and other credit card bills, or the trickle of Kindle book income that Amazon pays me (till I get on my duff and fricking write that "From Slut to Saint" best-seller already!) or the regular Amazon Associates referral income that surprisingly and wonderfully pulls in close to $500 for the month off of mostly one-off articles like this about Kindle coupon codes and stuff:

My Amazon Associates Income from August 1 - 21, 2012
No, this was something from Google -- and it wasn't due to any affiliate sales made through the Google Affiliate Network, because I haven't made any sales through Target since that Jason Wu designer clothing line madness earlier this year, around Super Bowl Sunday 2012 time.

Nor was it the Hanson vs. Google lawsuit settlement sneaking in any extra money that they didn't tell me about.

But I did have a dream last night that I had three checks in my big old phat purple purse -- wait a minute, it was purple, not red, right? (I love the color purple and that verse that speaks of Lydia, being a seller of purple cloth and a worshipper of God whose whole family got baptized and welcomed Paul into her home after the Lord opened her heart to do so. By the by, I'm totally wanting to go on that new show, The American Bible Challenge.)

And I love my dreams. Most of them.

I love waking up early with the Holy Spirit as He takes me off to different locales to see marvelous sights and helps me remember my dreams so I know what He's saying to me and warning me about. (My Maker is my husband...)

In last night's dream, my checks totaled more than $1,000 -- and I wanted to get them in my checking account ASAP and not trust them to the Chase Bank app that didn't work in real life when I tried it once. (I plan to try it again.)

Back to life, back to reality, back to the here and now, yeah..

Looking back through my expected income, I saw that the $218.47 deposited matched up to the exact amount expected for my forthcoming "GOOGLE ADSENSE REVENUE," which is how Google normally terms the deposit.

Don't know why they changed the name, but I'm grateful for the money all the same. I sectioned off the part of it that will go to tithes and offerings this Sunday, and then sent the rest off to American Express, which is how I plan to take care of lots of my future income: giving it to God and credit card bills!

Especially since He blessed me to get a nice, new brand-spanking American Express gold card that pays more in points -- worthwhile to me now since I spend more money on inventory.

And the cool thing about this Google Adsense revenue that lots of webmasters like me are waking up to see in their accounts this morning or in coming days is that it hit our accounts so early. I mean, today is only the 22nd of the month, and we sometimes don't see this money till the 26th or 27th or later.

What can I say to Jehovah Jireh but, "Thank You, thank You, thank You" once again...

Seriously, Amex should let me in their affiliate program already. I give them enough pub.


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Syed Azam said…
Thanks for the information. When I found this transaction today I was not sure what it for.

Your article helped me to figure out that it was a payment for Google ads on our website

Syed Azam

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