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Or do you not think so far ahead? 'Cause I been thinking 'bout forever...

Playing around with Essence makeover tool - love the Emmy
Listening to Frank Ocean's "Thinking About You" song below is quite addictive -- just like my Facebook friend and others claimed -- and his status update sent me back to that song again.

I first heard it on an episode of Awkward Black Girl, after I soaked up all available videos of the runaway Youtube series -- and I tracked down the song and listened to it again and again.

Is it the 24-year-old's amazing Prince and D'Angelo-styled falsetto and songwriting skills that are attracting millions?

Or that F-U bravado that gave him the boldness to change his last name via Legal Zoom and say such outlandish things in the press that we know he must not have a publicist yet?

I've been thinking about forever, too...

It's not just the cadence of his play on words -- that "though I'm lying...down thinking 'bout you" lyric is so boss -- but the sensitivity and real-ness displayed by a man not often seen in this world of machismo and bravado that has driven his views into the millions on YouTube and won him an opening-for-Coldplay gig.

Or do you not think so far ahead?

That's what Ocean asks his "first time, a new feel" in the song -- but that question can translate to so many other worlds beyond the romantic.

Good movie but no Jesus talk
Like when my husband and I watched the movie 50/50 last night over glasses of wine and plenty of tears (from me) when the 27-year-old lead character found out he had spinal cancer and could very well die.

I knew it was loosely based on the story of screenwriter Will Resier, whose title I totally coveted when I watched all the Blu-ray disc's extras and interviews and deleted scenes and such.

He knew, like I've been taught, that writers "write what they know" -- and those make some of the best stories, because people can feel the realness. That's part of my "thinking 'bout forever" career-wise, and the pic above with an Emmy behind my head is like a vision board coming true.

More on that project in due time -- that's why I've been away from some of my main blogs for a good minute. It's that "butt in the chair time" that gets the long projects done where I've put my focus -- only after my Jesus time each morning that I crave and have grown more addicted to than the song or my writing.

Not one thought of Christ?

And that's another "thinking 'bout forever" thought I had when watching the 50/50 movie.

I didn't expect much talk of heaven or hell in the movie, which was really good, by the way. Love that hearty and scratchy Seth Rogen laugh.

But it still amazes me that some people -- even when staring death in the face -- still don't think that far ahead as to where they may end up seconds after they die.

Before the movie I'd watched Bishop T.D. Jakes streaming live online, and how during his altar call he took his time. He said he hadn't even planned to be there, because Jakes had planned to be in California promoting his Let it Go book, but he was on divine assignment as wave after wave of people finally made their way to the altar to join the church or get saved.

"I can tell we're getting closer because it's getting harder," he said about evangelizing the people that were last to come down. "These kind come out only by prayer and fasting."

Those words stuck with me, rattling around with other powerful words on my 3.5 mile walk in the gorgeous cold today.

But after watching Jakes I went down to my own church, and watched God answer a prayer about calming down a melee that threatened to arise. I was seriously ready for Jesus to come back, however I didn't need to go out in a violent way.

So that's where I am today -- disappearing into that blessed place of semi-solitude of cool creation.

Me likes, me likes.


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