I am a kept woman...

Do tears freeze?

That's what I wondered this very morning, standing in 30-degree weather, warmed by the brilliant sun that melted the sheet of ice atop the pond before me.

"Make me your kept woman," I told him, staring skyward. "Let all the world see."

I know they don't call it "kept" that much these days -- in the era of the verified edu address sporting "sugar babies" online.

Kim Zolciak called her sugar daddy "Big Poppa" -- and Marlo Hampton brags about her 80-something-year-old "big baller" billionaire boyfriend that keeps her walk-in altar of oversized bags and red-soled demigods flush with Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins.

But that ain't the kind of man I'm talking about.

Mine is altogether lovely. Mine owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

Mine is real and relevant -- and unlike a common man, doesn't whisper sweet nothings in my ear then turn and speak badly about me with his mouth when he is trapped and exposed.

Mine is not duplicitous.

I'm in a great space right now -- I feel protected, like the time I left my first husband to hide out with my current husband in the quieter calm of Chicagoland suburbia.

But it's even better than that.

Even when it feels like he's punishing me, I know he's really protecting me.

"If I'm gonna be your woman, make me a kept woman!"

"I like to hide behind my glasses," sang Fishbone.
It's a line I stole from Joyce Meyer -- who told God that as long as she was going to be his anyway, that he may as well make her a kept woman.

And indeed, when he changed my mourning to sustenance once again this bright and sunny Friday, his word didn't fall void.

He was the one who proved his book true, and built me up "so that [I] will not be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow."

He keeps me inspired...urging me to come home and create.

He keeps me pure and protected from the nonsense and sexual sin that the devil would so easily beset us with -- since it's so devastating.

He keeps me close.

He is the one helping me walk forward a step at a time out of the pits I've jumped in wholeheartedly.

And as the title "I am a kept woman" bounced around in my brain on the beautiful drive home, he made me smile as I looked up at the cross in my foyer upon arrival, on which is engraved:

"May the LORD bless you and keep you..." Numbers 6:24

He's cool like that.


Hi, I agree with you. I consider him as mine as well. He inspires me in such a way I always want to give it my best shot. Hope its for long.
He is mine too and I am so grateful today right after Church I "stumble upon" this blog for the first time when it is expressing sentiments I am so in agreement with.

He is more than able to keep, support and protect His own (Psalm 91) and He does it in such awesome ways that we just have to agree that "You God are The One."

Perfect example that is still relevant today is when Moses was wondering where God was going to get meat to feed all those people in the wilderness because to His human mind it was an impossible feat.

But, since with God nothing is impossible, He caused birds to land around their tents and they ate.

Therefore, the lesson is He can keep and He can do it flamboyantly in ways that are way beyond our imaginations and expectations.

Thank you for your post.
Bless said…
I cant get..what you are saying.
Buyung Afrianto said…
I was very encouraged to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this
informative and useful read.Keep on sharing such kind of amazing stuff.
While looking for something else, I found both your blogs today. It was no accident: the Lord led me right to them. And what a blessing they are! I love that you see your writing as a ministry. All His children are in ministry, whether we realize it or not, but you are bold and open about it. You are an inspiration. Thank you for listening to Him.

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