She probably slept with a Pharisee...

Seriously, the thought that the woman caught in adultery probably had sex with a Pharisee made me laugh out loud this morning as I watched the below segment.

Of course I've heard it mentioned before how odd it was that the Pharisees dragged out the woman caught in adultery -- naked and ashamed -- alone and brought her before Jesus, and people have noted that they didn't drag the man out with her to Christ.

But when Pastor Joseph Prince surmised that it may have been a Pharisee she was in bed with, that was a thought process I don't remember hearing before, and it made me crack up:

Good sermons today, good study, though I was restless with my "Seeking Him" until I got out of the car and hiked and just breathed in fresh air and hilltop sunshine at high points in the woods.

But there was a theme about Pharisee stuff -- and looking for any ways within myself that I should lay down and let God replace with better stuff.

Okay, back to making the donuts and making money and finishing the first Kindle book that I will publish on Amazon in my real name.

No condemnation...lots of grace.