I screwed up... again

If you could see how I am typing this post, you would laugh.

I am holding my iPad 2 up with my thighs as I use my Logitech keyboard to type.

This is because I actually spilled grapefruit juice on my 2-month-old Macbook Air yesterday -- and I tried to dry it off and it was working well at first, but when I came back home later last night after a nice New Year's Eve night with the family at Champs in Cleveland and a Muppets movie at Valley View, the Mac was going wonky.

I couldn't even get past the password screen that locks the Mac, because it either types multiple letters or the wrong ones, I guess, or none.

I actually cried -- and combined with other negative thoughts trying to dominate my brain, I thought of nearly ending it.

Okay, but those aren't my thoughts, I know that now. When I start going down the road of berating myself for being such an f-up... I know that's not the real me.

God is getting me out...again.

After time locked away in the bathroom, of course the Lord lifted my spirits and showed me the light.

Again I'm learning to count my blessings again and again.

What a benefit to have a husband to take me and the kids out places like he does.

And then there's the matter of the iPad 2 and Logitech keyboard that I'm typing on right now, so I can still complete a lot of work tasks, like email, blogging, banking, etc.

I also have another Toshiba laptop that he gave me that I just need to have the Geek Squad recover so I can use that as well.

Good business resumption planning for when one of your main devices goes out as a self-employed person.

I am really blessed, and I can't forget that. Even when I don't take enough care of the precious things God places in my life, He still sheds grace over me not to lose them.

After Googling around, I found lots of writings of people who've spilled juice on their Macbook keyboard -- Lord, Lord, Lord, mine is the new backlit one! -- so there are videos out there on how to try and fix it yourself for free.

Whether I do it that way or have Apple fix it, it's not the end of the world.

Last night after my husband woke me up with glasses of sweet Champagne and his lovely company so I wouldn't sleep through the New Year, we celebrated together, and then later I waved my half-sleep barely tipsy hand as I listened to Bishop T.D. Jakes' message on TV.

That's when I learned about Bishop Jakes streaming his message from the 10 am CST service on New Year's Day 2012, so I watched that today before heading off to my own church for another great message.

God revealed to Bishop Jakes the same thing that I thought about before when He showed me: That God will give us the desires of our hearts.

Not saying that what we desire, the Lord will give us all that -- but that He will Himself put the passions and desires for His will for our lives inside our hearts.

So whatever we have a burning desire to do that's Godly, for example, Ruth's burning desire to follow Naomi whilst Orpah didn't have that desire because that wasn't her calling or destiny -- follow that.

Those are my "marching orders," as Jakes called them, for 2012.

To go forward with the things I feel God is calling me to do and write. Yeah, part of me wonders if God let me nearly ruin my Mac because He didn't like what I was writing.

Or, it could be that the enemy was just trying one last shot to stop my destiny.

Whatever it is, I know God is really keeping me and leading me and forgiving me when I screw up -- and continually pointing me in the right direction and empowering me to go forth.

This year is the start of something so big and wonderful. You've encamped about this mountain long enough...


Anonymous said…
what an intelligent way to hold an ipad :)
branded items said…
Awwww...that is so sweet of you. You are actually telling me now to stop complaining and start thanking of the things that I have. More blessings to you!
Great..I like your way to hold an ipad.

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