Bishop T.D. Jakes' people contacted me!

That's how we do it in The Chi...
Okay, it's really starting to sink in.

After more than six years online, I am finally understanding in my cognitive domain that when I write stuff, people can find it.

Bless God that those days I am favored to see -- let's say my top amount of views for my best day thus far -- perhaps maybe 100,000 hits on my writing on some hot topic -- I realize now that those numbers represent actual people and human eyeballs reading me.

I know it's an odd disconnect, but whenever I meet someone in real life walking around Ohio who remembers my face and name and tells me, "I read what you wrote..." it surprises me a bit. The first time it happened years ago, it was like an odd out-of-body experience.

As artists, we feel the pull to express ourselves and experience the cathartic release that comes along with getting what's burning inside of us out -- half expecting no one to find us. We are not necessarily chasing fame, we're merely flowing in our gifts. But when recognition comes, it can be cool.

"Your gifts will make room for you, and put you before great men..." He gently whispers.

On to Bishop T. D. Jakes...

Bishop T.D. Jakes produced this movie
When I wrote a piece about Bishop Jakes' not having spoken to Bishop Eddie Long lately, I wrote from my heart about how I really felt about the situation -- and part of me inside was warned to be cautious and careful about "putting my mouth on" anybody, especially wary to protect the character of us Christians, whilst still being honest about my viewpoint.

I felt like Bishop Jakes could be reading that, for some reason.

Turns out Christine Cape -- his PR rep -- of The Demoss Group did read that piece, and when she contacted me about his new movie Sparkle (seriously, I've gotta set up a Contact Me page on that site and stop hiding from people, because some great deals could be on the way), of course my thoughts turned to the time Bishop Jakes came to my old church and told us about the $50 million deal he got with Sony to make 9 movies.

If the PR rep for The Potter's House has in-roads to Bishop Jakes like most PR people have to their clients, then, well...

How Will the Movie Deal Go Down?
Oh yeah, you. Must. See. This.
Of course, I couldn't help but also think of someone who's going to be close to Tyler Perry pretty soon -- and the Hollywood writer dreamer asked in my head:  

Can you slip him this script for me?

I had the same thoughts about my communications with Bishop Jakes' rep, but the ironic thing is, I don't have the latest script in question anymore. Deleted it from every known location in my power, since there was talk of creativity but "darkness" as well. I don't want nothin' do with evil...

Only if God wants it rewritten into something pleasing to Him, that will happen as it is meant to be in heaven's time.

And I can see it going down like that in my fantasies: Bishop Jakes getting hold of the idea of a film/TV series centered around a fictional church -- and we close the deal with a few other producers/contributors/major players I have in mind with checks for $250,000 written to them in their name, to not only help assuage the pain -- but to get their viewpoints on the rewrite of the characters.

Okay, that's my dream of how the Lord can continue to turn something bad into something great -- and save plenty of souls in the process by lighting up the movie screens and flat screens and laptops and YouTube with images of real Christians that operate in gifts of evangelism and prayer and Holy Ghost power and healings -- and yes, fall, and are again resurrected in Christ Jesus.

Oh yes, did I tell you?

The big lesson about the townfolk and women who were all stirred up and gossiping about sad Naomi when she came back to town was that they had to recognize that God had turned her sadness around and blessed her with new hope.

I like holding on to that happy ending...

Can you imagine a person so unhappy? To not know if they'd live through another second?

It is in Jesus' perfect timing that I was recently thinking of lines from the movie Sparkle -- and to be reminded by Bishop Jakes' rep that it would be his next film seems like my fantasy might be playing out in real life. Please God, Jesus' name...

Sparkle and Stix

When fine-old "Stix" came back to hit up "Sparkle" again, she told him just how much their break up hurt her.

"When you first left, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to live without you. Yeah, I used to sit in this room and wondered if I would ever get through another second," she said.

And then there were the lines that kept reverberating with me from the script:

"What can I do with this feeling?"
"Can you imagine a person so unhappy? To not know if they'd live through another second?" she asked her ex.

"I got through the second, Stix. Minutes, days, months, weeks. I'm doing fine without you. Just fine."
Yeah, I like that. So there you go.

And if Bishop Jakes and/or his people and my co-creators and co-producers so "happen" to be led to this writing by the Author and Finisher of our faith, let's make a deal, because it's Him that's making you find me and putting me on your mind and haunting your spirits in a good way -- waking you up in the 4th watch of the night for many nights till this dream is realized in a way that pleases our Creator first and foremost, and then us all.

And just in case you haven't seen the movie Sparkle -- for heaven's sake -- rent it or something! That's what I did with my peeps down in Houston a few years ago, turning people on to the classic film.

I applaud Bishop Jakes for not worrying about what the Pharisaical tongue-waggers might say and for going ahead and introduction this amazing movie to the Joseph generation.

Let me add some love and fascination to your life...

Thank God giving up wasn't this hard for me to do...

And the five of them were so cute and innocent-looking and hopeful when it started...

But there came beauty from the ashes...


davidbowies said…
That;s a nice idea to Bishop T.D Jakes people contracted with you.And nice video.
cathyjade said…
Hi Paula! You mentioned that sometimes we are wondering if someone will see the great pieces and arts that we made and you are surprised that a famous person really (Bishop T.D Jakes) loved your stuff. I am a Hip-Hop beat producer myself and I hope that my music will be recognized too. As of now i continue to make music and wishing that someday i will hit the jackpot.

jarv.mail2012 said…
Cool~ 100,000 hits was already a lot. If I were you, I think I am probably jumping off my bed knowing about that. Love the quotations! very inspiring. Keep up the good work..!

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