Hurting people hurt people... so pray in the Holy Spirit of God

I get it now.

People who are hurting within themselves over their own situations can inadvertently turn around and hurt the people they love -- the gifts from above.

* sigh *

And us writers have to especially understand the power that our pens (and keyboards) wield -- and truly understand that anybody can find stuff online, no matter how obscure.

I really think God wanted this particular writing to be found to teach me a lesson or to shake some stuff up and prevent a much worse fate from happening to many.

But anyway, the lesson I learned today from all of this is when we hurt people, pray in tongues and lean on God wholeheartedly, and He will really see you through.

Real talk.

Not just empty words.

He's done it before.

As a writer, I've experienced great things the Lord has brought through my words. But as a human being, I've made mistakes and caused damage that I really want to take back, if only I could.

I can't...but all things really are possible with our Maker in heaven.

I must hold on to the hope that He is making this situation better for all of us right

Each moment.


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