$22,620.34 writing money paid in 9 months: How I am making money online

Whoa -- what is up with this new Blogger.com format? It's been exactly one month since I last updated this blog so you can tell I'm fresh out the gate on the redesign.

It's all good, I guess, and I thought it was time for another income post to update you all on how much the first 9 months of 2011 have brought me -- at least in terms of blogging and writing online and webmastering.

Here's the breakdown of the $22,620.34 taken in so far this year, along with plenty of detail about my money-makers.

Okay, I should probably really get off this computer now and feed my family some kind of dinner. :-)


No Body said…
Hi Paula,

I am glad to see you are still making decent money...You are one of the most admirable people out there for blogging.

Having said that...it looks as if good old Google has put a serious dent in your revenue. Or is this because you have moved more off of Examiner and are building up other things? That takes time of course but I'm sure it will pay off more in the long run.

The idea that algorithm changes are cutting people's earnings is somewhat discouraging to me.
: (

Thanks and continued success to you.
Hey Some Body:

Yes, there has been a shift in the Google Panda update that affected not only Examiner pageviews but others, so I've been building up other sites in the meantime.

Thank God for other means of revenue...

And I'm back on a creative kick that's going to pay off in more ways than one. I will update in a future post.

Thanks for reading.
huge man said…
it is encouraged me to keep blogging and making money