How to Put Google Adsense Ads in Your Blogger-Blogspot Posts Beneath the Post Title

Since it is a new month, I've been going through my online income earnings -- but also because I've been doing that anyway in an Excel spreadsheet that shows me how much Adsense earnings each of my niches sites are bringing me.

I have them sorted by the niche websites making the most Adsense monies each month, down to the least.

That's how I discovered that my is leading the pack right now with nearly $400 in Google Adsense earnings in July 2011, and my newer is next with close to $200 for the same month in Adsense earnings.

My niche sites also make more money from Amazon Associates and other referral programs, but looking at Adsense income alone, that's how I learned that this blog is only bringing in about $12 per month in Adsense income.

That's because I went through a period of stripping out the ads beneath the headline title in order to make the blog look more clean -- but now that I'm learning how much every penny counts, I'm putting them back.

I'm no longer leaving money on the table.

After all, this blog still gets hundreds of hits per day, even when I don't write for months -- and a website that brings in $400 in Adsense income alone is worth nearly 5 grand a year to us websmasters.

Parlaying 10 websites worth $5,000 per year in Adsense income makes for a nice $50,000 or more (from any affiliate income earned) webmaster salary -- so that's why I'm taking every opportunity to increase my Adsense income.

How to add Google Adsense to your Blogger-Blogspot posts

Blogger templates vary and right now I'm using the "Simple template" by Blogger that's pretty clean and easy to use.

If you want to add Google ads beneath your Blogger header titles (I've found that the Large Rectangle ads placed there can sometimes get pretty high click-through rates) you want to go to your blogger Dashboard.

Then under the Design tab, choose Edit HTML and make sure you choose "Download Full Template" first and save a copy of your template just in case you need it as a back-up if anything goes wrong.

Click the "Expand Widget Templates" button and look for the "post-header-line-1" code and insert your Google Adsense code as I have mine pictured below.

Notice that I couldn't just plop in my Adsense code inside Blogger-Blospot posts, because it gives you an error.

This post gives you instructions on how to search and replace your Adsense code to change it to look similar to mine pictured below.

And here is a quick Adsense code converter that lets you drop your code in and converts it for you, if you want to do it that way.

Any, after you've converted your code and dropped it in position in your Blogger template, you can preview it first and if you like the way it looks, press Save Template and then youre done.


It will be interesting to see how much Adsense I earn in August 2011 from the different sites, and how making little tweaks like this can all add up.

Leave me a comment and let me know how much your Adsense earnings go up as a result.


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