Over $16K in 6 months from blogging

Just calculated all my writing income thus far for the first 6 months of 2011 and wrote a long post about how I got the $16K.

I like this pic I took for one of my niche blogs about Sally Hansen nail strips, but honestly, I think people aren't buying a lot of those that I see coming thru. I gotta check again.

It's been a good and long and pretty productive day, but it's time to get away from this nice, new laptop.

I just saw an interesting proposal about tithing 10% of our time each day to God -- and I'm intrigued by the 2.4 hours of time that could be set aside to learn more about what direction my life should take.

I'll admit, while I can be good about the giving of money -- I probably could spend a lot more quiet time trying to hear from heaven.

Let me go start...


Unknown said…
That was good enough for you to keep on going.
Keep up the good deed.
Unknown said…
wow, that was expensive. It was a big income i guess.
This is terribly awesome! I just can't imagine $16K for six months? I am just sure you really are a genius and expert in blogging. Please give as incites on how did you got it!

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