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How did I get over 5,600 links to this blog?

I was just messing around trying to figure out what pagerank this blog now sits at today -- I guess Google loves me with a pagerank of 4 for the homepage according to the toolbar.

My other site they dropped down to a pagerank of 1, the same PR as some of the sites I just started a few months ago. (Don't know why that happened.)

It all reminds me not to be "page rank obsessed" -- as one of my readers said back when I didn't want to hear it, and was mad at Google for dropping me around. Oh well, at least I'm grateful to have access to some high-ranking page rank sites that either I own or write for. It's kinda still all about the backlinks.

And speaking of backlinks, according to Yahoo, I've got over 5,600 links pointing to this blog -- a fact that somewhat surprised me.

I didn't even know I had that many. I've been doing so much keyword research lately like a fiend. And when I see a website that's been around for years with over 2K backlinks or whatever, sometimes I don't even touch it -- that is, I might not try to go up against it to grab the #1 spot, especially if it's obviously established with time, a high PR and tons of links and proprietary names.

But that's not a hard and fast rule...

Because methinks Google still loves the exact match domains, at least from the latest Matt Cutts "read between the lines" YouTube video advice, as well as some of what I've seen with my hours and hours of keyword research that tells me what specific niches are still possible to make money within.

There's tons of them; it might just take a little time to build out a website around it and have Google recognize it. And then there's the "Google dance" that you just don't know why Google favors a site and allows it to have 100s of searches one day, and then they obviously tweak something and the site drops to 10s of searches the next, if that.

That's what happened to my product blog's stats as you can see in the pic above -- but hopefully the traffic will pick up, along with my commissioned sales.

But there's still money to be made with Google Adsense...

It's tripping me out that my Google Adsense income thus far this month (around $400) is surpassing the Examiner earnings (around $300 so far this month), and that I'm making that switch from making more money via Adsense and other outlets under my own sites, not anyone else's.

This is a good thing, and I've been dropping all kinds of queries you can think of into Google Adwords Keyword Tool thing to determine which keywords pay more (I've been using around $2.00 per click as a minimum basis) and have a good amount of search traffic (at least 1,000 local searches per month) and don't have too much competition to try and get in front of.

I've learned so much in the process. I mean, who knew they even made "alcoholic whipped cream" these days?

But sometimes, the best ideas for niche websites are living right under your nose, the things you blessedly experience each day -- so you can bet your bippy that other people are out there experiencing and searching for the same things.

Caught the link love? Yeah, I know. And since Google is lovin' this blog right about now -- I mean, after all, it is almost 6 years old and did have those viral "Paula's List of Blogger Salaries" posts that drew plenty of big, heavy-hitting links from the likes of Darren Rowse and John Chow and Yaro Stanak -- I am coming back to give a little bit of juice to the new sites and see how well they do.

But I'm learning from Spencer Haws, my favorite 50 over $50k philosopher right now, that you can do great, extensive keyword research and start your niche sites and then just build links to them slowly...not necessarily like the maniac link-building I became when I started the Spanx swimwear websites.

And another thing: People don't like to buy many swimsuits online! I mean, I've purchased one or two during times of desperation, and ended up with some ill-fitting tops, but one suit I did love.

It's all a matter of trying a great number of great topics that might interest you (or interest you to learn about) and write, write, write -- and find ways to automate that the Google bots and algorithm won't bop, and see what happens.

Praying for our good Adsense income to increase. They seem more stable than Amazon Associates at the moment, Google's got a ton more money via Adsense to pay us -- plus, people only have to click on stuff and not buy in order for us to reap the benefits.

I've rather rely more on that than too heavily on any one site that might go kerplunk when Google's panda comes out to play.


lazarusInfinity said…
Great post! I just recently joined last week and just had one of my articles featured in the New Orleans section today. When I first started reading articles on the earning potential of, I wasn't too impressed with some of the responses and became skeptical when I saw your video. I have to admit, is more in-depth than other site and I'm beginning to enjoy it. What tips on marketing/SEO would you suggest for newbies to the site? Thanks so much and God bless.
Sherelynne said…
I love reading your up beat information regarding making money online doing what you love-writing. I have been plugging away at it slowly, but steadily. So far, it has been about a year. Hope to be in that group of 50 one day soon.
Eugene said…
Hi Paula,
what do you think of recent link building techniques like profile links, mass article submission, and bookmarking. I find many people providing such services at

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