Google re-indexed my website after kicking me out - 3 years after Google de-indexed me!

It's funny to see how far you've come online and the things that can happen when you're online for years upon years.

I first started this blogger blog back in December 2005 -- wow, almost 6 years now.

And then in 2007, I started getting my feet wet with regular dot coms like after Google temporarily took away my ranking for the term Paula Mooney. (I didn't know if you kept linking to a website with the same exact term that Google would bomb you for it -- or rather, I didn't want to change doing it.)

But it was all good (or rather, all God) because that forced me to get outside of blogger and learn something new. I started and another site called, and they were going great till I got greedy and started adding scraped content from feeds too much and too often and in the wrong way and that got both sites de-indexed.

It was a silly move of sorts, especially since Watch Free Episodes was getting $5,000 in Adsense income at its peek. But again, it all worked out. Now I know not to put my eggs all in one basket and am totally on the multiple niche site tip these days.

Anyway, CPTimes was initially going to be some kind of site about African American entertainment. Some guy online was going to partner with me in getting the site together, but he disappeared.

It's a trip to look back at the archive of the site to first of all see that someone had that domain back in 2002 -- gee, does Google look favorably on that domain age even though I didn't own it back then? -- and to see how it looked when I first started it in 2007.

Anyway, around 2008 is when Google de-indexed both the Watch Free Episodes and sites, and even though I did the reconsideration requests and had cleaned up my mess, the big G didn't do anything about it.

The sites still got traffic from other search engines (nothing like from Google) so I kept paying the $10 fee each year to keep the domains active.

When I got the latest warning from Dreamhost that CPTimes was expiring, somehow or another I checked the stats and saw that I was getting Google traffic again -- after 3 years!

So Google can be forgiving -- and not so forgiving. They haven't yet put Watch Free Episodes back in their index. And I don't even know if CPTimes is still sandboxed or tagged by Google as blacklisted in anyway.

Still figuring out what I'm going to do with that site. At least it's back in Google.


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