Why don't blogspot links show on Yahoo site explorer?

I'm all about the backlinks lately, now that I'm finally understanding their importance in the eyes of Google.

So nearly every day I've been popping link:http://paulanealmooney.com into the Yahoo search box on my toolbar, or the specific detailed link to pages that I'm watching grow in rank:





I choose "Except from this domain" from the drop-down menu to see what links are making it back to the pages I want.

Naturally, since this Blogspot blog is trusted in Google's eyes, with a Pagerank 4, I've linked to other sites from here, but I don't see them coming through on Yahoo.

I've read that Yahoo doesn't show all the incoming links, but I think it odd that it doesn't show any blogspot links coming back.

Do you see any blogspot backlinks coming into your site using Yahoo site explorer?

Hopeful person that I am, I believe they are still counting.

Plus, I've got another secret that I'm testing out -- and I really think it's working to push me up in the SERPS.

Stay tuned to any upcoming post about it.


Yahoo have join bing so there was lots of changes

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