How are your pageviews?

This post has been overdue -- in my brain and heart for a little while, but I've been waiting to see if things would turn around.

Ever since the Google Panda-Content Farms-Farmer update shook up the online world, I've been reading from a lot of different perspectives how it's affecting some folks.

I can't necessarily get a good estimation of how much the Google update has affected my pageviews because I haven't been writing as much for the site as I used to back when it was so easy to get views.

To tell you the truth, it's frustrating when I see those "your piece wasn't deemed Google News-worthy" emails from them that we didn't used to get.

Still grateful for channels where I see I've pulled in over 1,500 views bringing more than 10 bucks for a previous day where I might not have even logged onto Examiner.

And just like in the past, God is using one closing door to open better ones -- like when I temporarily lost ranking on this blog for my name back when I didn't totally understand Google bombing, and how linking to the same site with the same anchor text repeatedly was a no-no in Google's eyes.

That forced me to go out and figure out how to make my own dot com back in 2007, and I've been going forward ever since.

On to bigger and better...

I still love writing on for the ease of some quick eyeballs -- especially on days when the Google News hits and a big story happens and I get in there.

But most of March has found me updating my own sites, trying out some of the tricks I've learned from studying some of my 50over50k people and getting inspired by Amanada Hocking, the Kindle millionaire writer.

I spent most of the day redesigning with the Thesis theme I love, and setting up niche sites all about Spanx, Spanx and more Spanx.

But lots of people are still making it into Google News for articles every day, so it may still end up being a very profitable stream of income along with all my others.

And let's not even mention how much my Droid 2 has increased my productivity, with its Droid Blogger app and Android for Wordpress app allowing me to blog laid out in bed on my back when my my laptop is shut!

I've got a feeling 2011 is going to break all kinds of good records...