50 bloggers making over $50k a year - my new website and book

I want to give myself a little link love to get my new website, 50 over $50k, indexed in Google and trafficked ASAP.

I'm so geeked about learning how to code Kindle editions of books and am eager to get all 50 web money-makers into the title, aptly named 50 Over $50k: Real Online Money-Makers Reveal How They Make Money on the Web.

If you're into that kind of thing, go on over to 50 over $50k and subscribe to get free email updates, which will let you know when the book launches -- both the print and Kindle editions.

Back when I wrote my "Paula's List of Blogger Salaries," that post was so popular, I always wanted to do a follow-up.

Now our Maker has everything converging, and the spiritual chain is off my left wrist -- and I'm writing aplenty!