How much does pay writers? pays in gift cards, or PayPal cash credit

How much does pay writers? pays in gift cards, or PayPal cash credit

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Since is all over Google News right now -- I'm all over seeing how I can get in the mix.

I've joined Gather and just figured out how to upload my profile pic and plan to begin "sharing" articles soon, but in the meantime, I'm trying to "Gather" info about how much Gather actually pays their writers.

Apply to Write for here now...

Thus far, I've only found one person reporting their gift card income here. says you can also redeem whatever points you earn by writing for them for PayPal cash -- but I've yet to see how much someone has made doing that.

Indeed's redemption page says that you can "Redeem your Gather Points for a $25 PayPal® payment" with 1,565 points getting you that $25 in PayPal payment usually "much sooner" than 21 days after you redeem your points.

But doesn't divulge how many pageviews will get you those 1,565 points -- probably because bounce rate and all that other stuff plays into the formula that they don't want people to defraud.

Since I've given up on AOL's for the time being (they rejected 3 articles I sent them -- and one was pretty good!) and I'm still writing for, I figured I'd better go and "gather" some Gather info while Google loves them.

If you write for, let me know how much money you're making with them. Thanks!

I'll let you guys know how much I end up making with them.


Heru Kurniawan said…
I ve already know from your article. thanks for share to me
Hi, there are two different programs at Gather. The one you signed up for is for the social networking part. By participating in the network, you earn point that you can redeem for gift cards, PayPal cash, etc.

The writers program you have to apply for, and there are several different departments-news, entertainment, etc. (They're called "Skywriters" now.)If you sign up for the writers' program, you forfeit your points, and ths program pays you for your page views through PayPal, once a month. I wrote for them for about a year. I wasn't making a whole lot of money, but some of the writers made a really good income, from what I could "Gather." Good luck.

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