Examiner.com shows more images in Google News than other sites

Examiner.com shows more images in Google News than other sites

One thing I like to do periodically is see what kinds of articles are making it into Google News via Examiner.com, and compare those findings to other sites.

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Today I noticed that many of the accompanying pics that people include with their articles make it into Google News with the Examiner articles. (Over 13,000 articles indexed from Examiner.com in Google News in the past hour, as of this writing.)

That makes sense in some regard, since Examiner.com pays for some Associated Press images that we can use in our articles.

Other sites, however, don't have any or only have a few images accompanying their pieces in Google News:

Like AssociatedContent.com or Gather.com -- but Gather.com seems to have a butt-load of articles in Google News! (About 6,000 or more, still not as much as Examiner -- perhaps fewer writers?)

I wonder if they pay their writers? I don't think so...at least I haven't been able to find much info on it.

I find all this interesting because having a photo next to your article in that sweet Google News spot in the Google SERPS and in Google News SERPS helps with the click-thrus.


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