Examiner.com and Google News: How many Examiner.com articles are making it into Google News?

All of us Examiner.com writers know the changes that the site has gone through lately, first being removed from Google News then graciously allowed back in -- with the local Examiners making sure to write locally, and the National ones sticking to their topics.

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But how many of our Examiner articles are actually making it into Google News? I just wrote a piece about Beyonce's booty-shaking and Bible reading that I hope makes it into Google News.

Checking out these links will let you know which ones of mine are making it in. Examiners -- how many of your pieces are making it in?

Cleveland Pop Culture Examiner / Google News articles

Christian Music Examiner

Christian TV Examiner


Cliff said…
There's a major update going on now. google is installing google Caffeine infrastructure. While they propagate this to all data centers Examiner goes into a flux. I'm beginning to think Examiner is built right into the main frame of google news. Probably a secret project. You know how billionaire comapanies do it. They both use geolocation you know. But until the update is over lets just go with the official story both companies have leaked to the press. Examiner has been "suspended" from Google News until they improve their content quality for local examiners.

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